I bought a lace front topper natural, hand tied, human hair to cover my very thin hair on top. The lady who sold it to me said it matched my hair but when I got home it was alot darker so I just had to color my hair. I also realized it had no clips to attach it and that I needed tape or adhesive for front. She didn't show me how to put it on so I am trying to figure it out. I bought clips and tape but I still have to trim lace and sew on clips. I am sure I will have to trim the hairpiece too. I had to choose to buy it or buy food LOL but I can go to food bank for food so I bought it. I couldn't deal with the thin hair. It cost me $100 after I bought clips and tape and wighead to put it on which I thought was pretty good. I am afraid after I get it ready to put on it will look terrible. They always look like so much hair after seeing myself having so little. I wish Icould afford to have it styled but I can't. Did anyone have a hard time trying to wear a topper or wig? Did it feel like alot of hair to you too?

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I tried toppers before I ever tried wigs, for some reason they seemed more acceptable! For me, it was time consuming, and even though the color matched my (bleached) hair color, the texture never did. All of mine had clips, no glue or tape. Is it possible to go back to the place where you bought it for some type of fitting? Also, if it does seem like too much hair, a stylist can thin it out for you. I can tell you that since I've been wearing wigs for roughly six years, I wish I had started with them and bypassed toppers altogether. If money's an issue (and it is for me too, believe me!) then you might try looking at wig stores/sites that market to African American women. The prices are much lower, and you can get a feel for what you like and what you don't without breaking the bank! Good luck.

Thanks for info. I also have some synthentic wigs, but they have so much hair and hang in my face. I just layered one of them alittle and it looks better but the top looks so shiny and I need more height on top because I have a small forehead and my head is flat so I am still trying to figure out how to style the wig. Can I tease the top of the wig without damaging it? I can't afford to get it styled. My topper has  a lace front so it looks like it is my hairline so I will have to tape it in to look right. I don't know why I feel so nervous about it. Is it normal to feel nervous/scared? Thanks for your input.

Yes, it's definitely normal to feel nervous, especially wearing it out the first time in public. Some people suggest wearing it around the house to get used to how it feels on and how you look in it as well. That might help some. If your wig is too shiny you can try sprinkling either baby powder or even dry shampoo on it and that helps take away some of the shine. You can tease the wig gently without damaging it, also you can use specific styling products for synthetic hair. And some people wet the wig to "train" it to style how they would like. I was never much good at styling my own hair and I'm not really any better with my wigs, but I am getting better.

Thank you the info really helps.



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