Has ANYONE out there been involved in any clinical trials in 2017 with XelJanz or any other Jak inhibitor drug? If so what is your feedback?

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My 28 year old daughter has been on Xeljanz for close to a year and has amazing regrowth. Most of lashes and brows have returned, however they are not as full as they were before AA. Next the hair on her head grew very well but it is still thinner then her hair was originally. The hair on her head looks more like a new born that has hair, but not as dense.

Recently, she is having some symptoms of dizziness, nausea and stomach pain. This went on for two weeks and then got better, She stopped the medication during this illness and then went back on it when she felt better and now the same symptoms are back. I was very sorry to hear this feedback from her just today. I am sure that the hair will fall out because the immune system is fighting the hair and without the drugs the immune system will win.

Many people are doing very well on this and growing hair back. I wish you well and be sure to have a good doctor be part of taking this medication so you can have your blood checked regularly and they can determine how well it is working for you.

Thank you for your feedback!
Go to the upper left of the page and click on All Discussions; then type in Xeljanz. All the discussions about it will come up. The one major one has over 5300 comments.

Essentially: (1) many people who take it have good results with hair regrowth
(2) it is expensive (over $500 a month) unless you're in a study. Most insurance won't pay because "hair growth" is considered an off label use.
(3) once the drug is stopped, hair is usually lost within 6 months.
Thank you for your information. I understand that although xeljanz is a drug mostly used to treat RA, most doctors will prescribe it for that and then it should be covered by insurance or at least a part thereof. My dermatologist offered to give me a prescription for xeljanz but O am not completely sold on it yet because from everything I am reading once you stop taking it the hair sheds again.
if we take it more than 2 years what will happen
How do we know that?
My Derm and I decided against Xeljanz because of other autoimmune diseases I have and problems I've had in trying to treat them. But, he did say that a topical Xeljanz is coming next year and it won't be so hard on the body. So, we decided to take a wait and see attitude.

Personally, if my hair is going to regrow in patches (not growing in the areas that are completely smooth), then I'd rather stay bald and not subject my body to more treatments. And, not having any hair on my body makes it easy care and smooth & soft as a baby's. Its easier for me to deal with no scalp hair and it really doesn't bother me. Just keep the old scalp moisturized, shave every 3-4 months, and use clearasil for breakouts.

My headcovering of choice is scarves and I get compliments all the time on how nice they look or questions onwhere I get them or how to tie them. So, it evidently doesn't bother others either.



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