I wonder if having this done will help AA, AT and AU patients?  I have seen a few studies where this was done on a guy with AU and he went into complete remission, even after 5 years.  Anyone know where we can look into IV stem cell therapy for AU??

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There are a couple of docs here in the US that do infusions of donated stem cells that have had supposedly great luck on AA patients.  It will probably be outlawed by the FDA soon.   This is not the procedure using your own stem cells extracted from your blood.

Yes, I've read a few medical journal reports on the use of stem cell therapy to help with other afflictions in patients with Alopecia and they went into remission with AA as well as the other disease cured.  I guess you're right, if it works, then it'll probably be outlawed.  I also read about PRP therapy which uses your own stem cells, which I guess is good for people with AA and AT but wouldn't make sense for people like me with AU.  I was just wondering if I could find a place that would be willing to do an infusion on people with AU

Best bet is the Stem Cell Educator therapy.

It is mainly focused on Diabetes but it also works on AA  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25896390

Currently, the FDA has approved phase I/II clinical trial in type 1 diabetes at Hackensack University Medical Center, more info here: http://www.tianhecell.com/blog/2018/7/17/tianhe-builds-up-a-gmp-lab...

I'm wondering why this therapy is completely ignored by the AA community. I think NAAF should really look into this therapy rather than focusing on drugs, as we know all drugs have unwanted side effects.  

I agree!  Sometimes I think with organizations that are focused on treatments and cures with drugs have an ulterior motive, which is money.  They get people to donate to the organization, which pays their bills, accommodations, salaries, research for drugs, website maintenance, etc which makes me wonder if the bulk of money goes more to those things than actually research.  I'm also thinking kickbacks.  We know research on drugs can take years and decades before approval and stem cell therapy cures would be the end of all that



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