I am experiencing itchy eyelids and sometimes around the brow area. I lost my eyelashes and brows last year. But the itching just started a few wks ago.

Has anyone had this happen to them? I really don't know whats causing this and i don't think it's my makeup. It does appear that i must be allergic to something but what? Is this just another AU problem since i have no eyelashes or eyebrow hair! It seems odd it didn't bother me until now. I also notice that when i have my wig on and i do wear bangs (human hair), if my bang hair touches my eye area it causes me to itch a little. It can't be my wig!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope someone out there can help and give me some advice! Thank you!

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Could it be the shampoo you use in your wig???

I lost my eyebrows 7 1/2 years ago and every now and then they just get really itchy for a while. I have no idea what causes it, sometimes I hope they're growing back - but nope! However I just lost half my eyelashes (I expect the rest will be gone shortly...) and notice that sometimes the half that's missing is really itchy. I think it's because I live in a really dry climate and it's just difficult to moisturize that area?? But I would definitely check the shampoo you use and try switching? When I wore a wig (I'd shaved my feeble amount of hair to raise money for a friend with cancer and found out the "quarter sized" bald patch, was actually half my head) my head got really itchy, so before buying new wigs, I switched shampoo to a hypo-allergenic kind and the itching stopped on my head. I hope this helps!

Leslie I have experienced the same. Since the Alopecia my skin is so sensitive it is crazy. I'm partnering with an estician next week, I will keep you posted, those are some of the things we are going to address.

Will let you know

Hi Leslie Mader

I think you are required to try some natural remedies. Some of the most effective natural remedies you can try to get rid of itchy eyelids like:

  • Rosewater
  • Aloevera
  • Cold Compress
  • Cucumber
  • Milk
  • Raw Potato
  • Carrot Juice Green Tea

These can be used to cure itchy eyelids. These are very easy to use and apply at home. You can also try this. To know in brief how these natural remedies can be used, you can follow the link:


Hope this will work. All the Best!!!

Hi Leslie, if you are experiencing itchy eyelids then you can try some natural remedies that can help you cure itchy eyelids. People who suffer from this issue always found that it is very irritating situation and so people want to get rid of it as soon as possible. However, you can also get rid of itchy eyelids easily with some natural remedies like cold compress, cucumber, aloe vera, rosewater, etc. Below you will get a list of blogs related to some eyelid issues and their natural remedies and it will help you solve lots of eyelid issues:

You can get rid of itchy eyelids or sunken eyelids with some natural home remedies. Some of the effective remedies you can try are:

  • Cold Therapy: Whenever the eyes are irritated or treatment with cold packs, cucumber slices or even damp compresses are sometimes recommended. They all used to help in something the irritation and may also help in reducing the darkening of the skin by restricting the blood flow in the skin of the eyelids.
  • Adequate Sleep: When the dark circles are caused by a lack of adequate sleep then the affected individual should make it a priority so that it can change the associated lifestyle to avoid darkening of eyelids. If sleeplessness is caused due to pathological factors then the adequate sleep treatments would be advised by the doctor.

These can be tried at home to treat itchy eyelids. Or if you have any other issue like droopy eyelids then you can also try some other natural remedies. You can try the below ways to treat droopy eyelids a mentioned in the below post:






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