hi i have aa for nearly 3yrs now, twice ive had growth hair has got about 3-4 inches long with very small patches but then has refell out, but what i dont get is the burning and itchyness i keep getting i havent got meny patches at min, but my head hurts and burns and gets so itchy when it starts to regrow and only thing that stops it is shaving it, does anyone else have this, feel like im goin mad doctors look at me like im mad but sometimes you can feel so parts are hot on my head, my derm has told me not to try growin my hair till it totally path free as this my be causing it HELP, does or has anyone been though or feel this

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Hi Emma -- I have had AA since March, with two active spots right now, both are regrowing in the center, and one is still shedding at the margins. My scalp is extremely itchy. It used to burn, but that stopped a while ago. I started to shave my head with the clippers, and sometimes I think that the clipped hair is sharp and irritates my scalp also. I've tried using Nizoral shampoo, and sometimes it seems to help, and other times I wonder if its irritating the situation. I noticed the intense scalp itching one or two months before the bald patches appeared. I'm seeing my dermatologist tomorrow and plan to discuss the itching. I'll let you know if they have any comment. Best, Scott



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