I went to a doctor back in september and I had a circle, there was still hair in it and extremely itchy. She immediatly said it was AA. In July I would ITCH the living hell out of it, and it reminded me when I was a child and had TERRIBLE dandruff, and thats what I thought it was, so I didn't think anything of it till my girlfriend mentioned to me I have a missing patch of hair a month later, and didn't care for it till I noticed it in a picture in September.

My dandruff has never been this bad before (even as a kid) this summer

(and now with winter here its even worse, I am using head and shoulders and nizoral with garlic extract)

Today November 9th, I have about 6-8 Circles now on my head 1 of which is the size of my fist, but still has hair, tiny hairs, but they never seemed to go away, completely and to be honest, if I were to get my normal haircut you wouldn't be to tell a difference entirely...... 

I am seeing a new doctor sometime next week, should I request for a biopsy just in case? All my bloodtests came back normal other than a slightly low Vitamin D3, high ldl (keto diet) and thats really about it. My rheumatoid tests were pretty much all normal, which I expected.

Could something else be causing spots, that look like AA? My spots were never really circles, they almost look like they travel. Cortisone shots never seemed to work either, if anything, I believe they made it worse....

My regiment today?

Shots, and steroid cream and it isn't working. This is why I am thinking I may have something else other than AA.

This is why I am questioning whether or not it could be something else, and whether or not a biopsy is absolutely needed to confirm AA.

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The biopsy can tell the doctor the condition of the follicle and if there is inflammation. It does confirm AA.



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