Is Olaplex bath worthwile to repair an over processed human hair wig?

Din't know any thing about this subject. Went to their web site, but of course it doesn't mention any thing about using on wigs. Does it work and is it worth while?. Tons of the best conditioners, haven't done too much. Wig looks good after i set in in Flex Rods, but of course, frizzes up after a couple of days. Are the directions for this product, self explanatory and any precautions??  Wig very dry, over processed before i received it   Thanks

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I make wigs professionaly as well as with repairs, try a cholride bath

Where do i get chloride? and is it difficult?  What's better Olaplex, or Chloride?? (what would be easier to do)  The wig was over processed and is dry, and very frizzy all over. After i wash and condition, looks good. But second, third day, all the frizz reappears. It's too much work to keep washing, using  curlers, lot of them, on a long wig. Plus, washing it that often, can't be good for the wig  Live and learn. But it was an expensive mistake   Thanks

I have heard that Olaplex is amazing from several wig salons and general salons.

Thanks  Don't know which would be better, Olaplex, or chloride??

Olaplex will condition a human hair wig. 

I believe the gal who mentioned chloride means a bleach bath, which you would not use on human hair.  It is more for synthetics.

 Sounds like you need to refurbish your wig, but what you do depends on whether HH or synthetic.  There are lots of videos on uTube about refurbishing either - which will give you more exact instructions.





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