Is anyone out there completely hairless except for one or two areas?

I recently went from many years of alopcia areata (which was easy to cover up & hide) to alopecia totalis. Unfortunately, last week i noticed that most of my body hair is gone (if not all), except for the hairs on my face. there's no chance that I'm keeping these , huh?

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Who knows? I lost body hair in my 40s just for awhile, but it all came back. Just not on the top of my head! Grrr....

I have eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns (white).
I'm totally, completly, 100% hairless! You never know though. My eyebrows stayed for a long time. But, gone now.
I'm 100% hairless, except for my nostrils, and for some peach-fuzz type facial hair that moves around to different spots on my chin, upper lip and sides of my face. I keep trying to encourage it to migrate north to my eyebrows!

After losing all my hair and being absolutely 100% hairless for about a year, the nostril hair came back and it has stayed. My eyebrows and upper lashes came back for about 9 months last year, then went away. There's just no predicting.

It sounds like you're experiencing what I did - I had 7 years of AA, then AT, then rapidly it all went and I was AU.

Just take it a day at a time.
I am totally hairless, except for a strand here and there. Eyebrows and lashes were the last to go - about 9 years ago. I get the occasional very faint regrowth in different parts of the body - but those hairs are almost invisible to the naked eye....
I am completely hairless. I battled with AA for seven years, then one day I woke up and noticed all my hair was gone. Since I stopped concentrating on my hairloss, as well as stress over everyday life, I noticed hair growth all over. I don't know what this holds, but certainly take one day at a time. Best wishes to you!!
I have had alopecia areata for 12 years now, and mine seems to have gone through "cycles" for lack of a better term. However, in the last few years, it seems like the only hair that grows on me period, are a few patches on my head in different places and one or two eyelashes that grace me with their presences once in a while.
I have had AU for just over 7 years. Some tiny bits of regrowth on my head after shots. But, nothing much. Recently, after tanning especially, I do not my eyelashes!! I think those are what I have missed the most...other than a full head of hair. Only more on right it is bit uneven to try to put mascara on.
Hope yours does stay!
Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me. All I can do is take it one day at a time. However, I want to be prepared... any recommendations on eye lashes and eye brows? I read about some brows that aren't tatooed, but they stay on for a few days. Where can I get these? I'm freaking out about this very real possibility.
i have alopecia areata universalis... so i have no hair on my head, legs, or arms, but i still have in my airpits... i hate it. my friends make fun on how i still have to shave my armpits but that im bald. its annoying, i know how you feel

This is true for me too.... I have lost all body hair many times over.. but the arm pit hair... seems to be very very persistant... has never fallen out..
lol Love this chat... I have what I would say is AU. NO hair anywhere except on the top of my toes and fingers and under arms. oh how I whish my eye lashes would return...
i am completely hairless as well except for a lttle stubble here and there. as i think back i had aa (fairly stable) for a little over 12 years. i had 3 minor surgeries in 2008 and 2009 and then 3 weeks or so after the last surgery i realized that over a 2-3 day period had lost it all. after a couple of weeks? months? it looked like all the hair follicles have closed (boy, is there a shine, LOL!!) i decided i'm not going to stress on treatments and doctors, etc. etc. i'm just going to let it be; and whatever God decides is cool with me.





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