My soon to be 7 year old daughter has had AA for about 1 1/2 years. She lost all hair, eyelashes and eyebrows at the start of this year. When she was first diagnosed she was due for her immunizations. I put them off because we were dealing with AA and I didn't think it was a good time to do them. Now that time has gone by, I am wondering what to do. Are the immunizations going to make her immune system go all crazy? I have read where people have said that immunizations was the beginning of their kids AA. I know at this point it can't make my daughter's AA any worse, but could it cause her immune system to go after something else? Our Dr. knows very little about Alopecia so I don't know if he would necessarily give me the best advice and I am sure he would never say to not immunize. At the moment we are not seeing her Dermatologist. We had a disagreement over the use of Prednisone for her. She isn't happy that my daughter has decided to take a break from treatments. So I really don't want to have to deal with her. I am wondering what other parents have done in my situation.

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Hi, my granddaughter was your daughter's age when she was diagnosed with this crap. She is now 12 and is slowly growing hair back (not sure if this is staying or not). In the beginning this is what happened.. she was moved from her mother to her father and his gf's house as father convinced mother that she couldn't provide the things he could, our granddaughter idolized her mother and cried herself to sleep at night and begged to go home all the time. This woman that he lived with was a mean lady and eventually our granddaughter lost this hair and she told her that it was expected to happen (who knows what that mean.) Anyway, mother determined to find a doctor that would look at daughter, and doctor sent her to derm.. who sent her to a spec.. this was a godsend. They have tried a few different treatments, but when they tried them a few times and saw that they weren't working they stopped them. Bonus to them is what I say! The poor girl has had to go through some pretty crappy things, like shots in the head (yuck) and she didn't cry either. Presently---she is on a huge, huge, dosage of hormone medication and has a medication that she rubs on her scalp overnight and then rinses off the next day. This all leads to a huge fault of course. ATTITUDE. Hormone pmsing.. and it is alto. But this specialist is wonderful to talk to and she loves our little girl. The sad thing is there isn't enough money to pay these wonderful workers to stay in our province to work so they go elsewhere and they have to work 3 cities at once.
So I would say, step at a time, doctor first to give you a recommendation to a derm and then ask for a specialist in this department. Only they know!

I would research immunizations. Did you know that employees of the drug company and doctors, research people, who work with them, do not immunize themselves or the children. There is a huge amount of poisons in them, including mercury. It used to be 1 out of 1000 children were affected adversely, however now, before the child is 12 they have 47 immunizations, some coupled up within each. If I was to start again, I would never immunize myself, or anyone in my family. Please do your research, go looking into nursing forums, and naturalpathic medicine.

btw, alopecia seems to follow age groups, every 6-7 yrs, has nothing to do with immunizations, that would be way to simple for most of us. I swear our immune system is compromised, however feel it's more than we realize. If you look at germs and viruses like a balloon, it cannot penetrate a carpet, the same as it would a floor, in that being visualized, I can see why we are affected more easily. Our skin soaks up the chemicals more quickly than others who have hair. I do believe that is why we get sick so much easier. My slant on things.

avoid the immunization



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