I shaved my head in August this year for Locks of Love. I don't have alopecia and it doesn't run in my family. But since I was a children and after my father's death from cancer, my mother taught in a young age to give to others in need. Since then, I always wanted to give back to the people.

Anyways, I'd like to donate toys for cancer children's hospital. I will be asking people in my school to give toys. I know that my fiance would not like the idea of shaving my head again, but I would like to do it again to show the little girls with cancer that they don't need hair to beautiful. I would like to visit them, give them their toys, and let them know that they are beautiful bald. My fiance is in Afghanistan, but I think it is wrong to not tell him and keep secrets from him. I was raised to always tell the truth or the Lord will make me pay for it later.

Should I do it behind his back or listen to my gut? If I tell him and he says he is not happy about it, then what should I do?

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As a total stranger reading the question posed, what I see is that there may be something else entirely going on. It's not about the head shaving. And it's not about him at all. It's about you.

You can show your concern for these kids in many different ways any time throughout the year.
Your hair can be shaved again at any time in the future.
None of that is necessary right now.

To choose to do it now when your boyfriend is on active duty
To choose to consider it knowing that it's not his preference....

says to me that there's another agenda, (either consciously or sub-consciously) to agitate him at a time when he needs his closest friends the most. Are you angry about his being away? Are there resentments brewing? Are you trying to annoy him so he will get testy and then you can say, " See? That shows he doesn't love me after all."

Something to think about. In principal it applies to many of life's situations.

With a little more consideration of all the motivations you have in this, you're likely to come to the right decision.

You are mostly right. :)))

We talked about it and he said that he accepts more than ever did before. He thinks hair doesn't matter as long as a woman dresses like a woman and acts like a woman. LOL. I think he finally realized that. I love him very much. But you are right. Bald is not his peference, but I don't think he would stop loving me if I did.

Now I shave my head because I hate my hair and it would be more benefical to do for a cause. My mother has showed me at an early to help people. She was in the fight against Cancer, Aids, Drugs, and other diseases.
Talking it out was a good idea.....but another factor is that if he's a guy who is very tuned in to the "visual" (ykwim)...that could be one more factor, but he's shy about saying it.




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