Hey all

Currently im using a wig from FREEDOM - with silicone
But its so chunky - looks amazing thou but it gets soooo sweaty

What are peoples recommendation - keeping in mind im in aussie land and would need to get it here etc




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Lace wigs work for my daughter. She tapes them on with supertape and wears them a couple of days before she changes them.

http://www.shuangyewig.com/english/index.asp This is the site I order from the most often and seems to be the most consistent.

I agree with Karen that lace wigs are a very cool and natural looking alternative to vacuum units. Once you get your measurements correct, there are cap styles, such as the one with a poly vinyl perimeter, that require very little tape, or a light, water soluable adhesive like "Got 2BGlued Spiking Glue" to stay on, even through rigorous exercise! AND they BREATHE!

Oh yea, and even though they won't last as long as a vacuum they are a fraction of the cost, so you can afford to buy more and change your styles and colors more often.

Look online, and don't be afraid to research some of the Chinese vendors, as that is where most of the lace wig retailers are getting theirs from, and the CVs will be just as eager to sell directly to you.

I've been wearing vacuum pieces for probably 14 years now, and you are right, they get very hot to wear for me through the summer months - I love outdoors but can't tolerate the heat. In saying that, I am currently waiting on a new piece to come in by Fortune - their website is; http://www.fortunewigs.com/ they are in the New York, USA

Hi Kimberley

How was your Fortune wig. I had a look on the website following your last post. It doesn't say much about the cap construction. Are you able to enlighten? Is it a glue or clueless system?

The Comfort Line is the glueless system - made for people with hair loss. I have one. And it is very nice quality - and at a very good price. They were super helpful on the phone and via e-mail. I even sent them pictures of my hair in it's better days, and they tried to style it some before sending - for free. Those wigs do have a polyvinyl or something strip sewn into them - at the front. So you can bond a little if you want. The others lines all have clips/combs. They are mono topped with wefted backs. But I was told that for only about $100 extra they would do a fully hand-tied version of whichever one I picked off their website.

I notice that the Comfort line, as you say, is primarily designed for people with hair loss and is made from Asian hair. Are the european hair wigs made for people who have their own hair, as from what I could see from the video, there are 'gripper' combs around the wig. Does this mean they do not make wigs with european HH without the combs for alopecia/chemo sufferers?

hi, sorry about the delay of answering, I don't get on that often....I am still waiting on my piece, should get it this week....the first one was so dark, so swapped it for a lighter shade, and when I received it, it was the med size and I need the small, they were out of small so that's why I am still waiting. I see AngelGirl answered your question on the cap. I will post again after I get mine and wear it to see how I like it.

OK, and did you get the wig, and tell us all about it. How much was it? They let you return a wig? Go figure. Where did you get this wig that they allow returns? And is it HOT this summer?

I agree and i know that you need the best vinyl cutter and then you can feel freedom with silicone, just being said

Go on Facebook and join wigslayers and wigslayers swap and sell

rhey have wigs that look like it’s your hair.
most wigs are handmade  



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