As humans suffering from Alopecia we don't exactly live a normal life. Do we ? Some of us take it as a curse and most of us take it as a blessing but its a choice we make through our circumstance. We have all been there sitting at the dermatologists or doctors listening to them saying "accept it" being bold isn't bad. Its not a life treating disease. " there is no cure" and we let them decide what has to be done to our bodies because they are professional and they hold a degree that certifies them. All we want to hear from them is that " don't worry you will be fine, you will have hair just as the rest of us". Hope is the only reason which gives us the strength to fight this Disease, that someday we will have a normal life just like others.

As we suffer, our families, friends, kids, spouses suffer with us because they are the only ones who can see through us. They notice the change from the inside! Most of the people only notice the change on the outside but only few people understand how we feel. Every morning waking up and looking at the mirror holding on to someone we used to know. Holding on to the memories of what normal felt like and looked like but that person is long gone. Few of us have already lost the battle and accepted this disease with open arms and are happy living with it, most of us have taken a stand and fought bravely and succeeded and most of us are still fighting this battle through different treatments. and few of us are confused and devastated and hiding from it.

Recently after doing so much research, I have HOPE!!! A medicine that has showed a lot of promise for people like us. A normal future for us. Its been 3 weeks that i have started this treatment but it feels like 3 years but its going to take a few months to see progress and results. Just remember no battle is won in one day. I have the right tools and the right soldier to fight this battle. Please feel free to write to me and and join us fight Alopecia and have a normal life.

                                     " TOGETHER WITH STAND STRONG"

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Hello there, your write up was heart warming and true. Please let us know how this medication is working so far. Sending good thoughts your way and keep us posted. 



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