*sigh* Today I sat in the dermatologist's office today receive a large number of injections to my scalp....because I have a 3 x 3cm new patch. My last bald patch activity was in December of 2009.

The derm. I met with today asked me about my ferritin levels. Last tested I was an......11. :(

Prior to that I was at 14. Before that, under 10.

She stressed the importance of trying to up my levels...she said a good number would be 70. :(

I would be happy just getting half way there if it were possible. I take Ultimate Iron which is an animal based supplement. Obviously it hasn't been enough. I eat a lot of iron rich food as well.

Now, is there something else I should be doing? Other than eating steak every day?! Should I be taking a prescription iron? I am going to call my ND and also ask her advice. Your experiences and thoughts are more than welcome!

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The bigger question is why is your body not absorbing the iron you are taking. Deficiencies are usually a gut problem. Cooking with a  cast iron skillets also enrich foods with iron when cooking with one. Also taking iron with vitamin C helps your body absorb it better.
I am already gluten-free and dairy-free...
have you done an intolerence test to see if anything else might be bothering you? also low L-lysine (an amino acid) is not only associated with low iron but hair loss. check it out. I don't like doctors because they don't tell you everything and it's our job to do all the research and tell our doctors what we want them to do. HOPE this helps.
another thing, if you are substituting milk with soy, it's not a good idea. Soy also causes malabsorbsion of nutrients
I do coconut milk...and I've done a full allergy panel. I'll look into the L-lysine though.

I'm working with a naturopath as well. When I went to my doctor 3 years ago with my first alopecia spot, she thought it was ringworm. :(
i got told 2day i have low iron level frm my dermotologist my doc has put me on iron tabs n im on 3 times d normal dose.........i think ordinary iron suplements arnt anywer near enought, jus read that drinkin tea wiv food stops ur body absorbing d iron properly -i am a tea addict who drinks t wiv everythin i eat!!! also dont eat much fruit n meat!
Yes....I'll be taking my iron 3x a day now. Also learned that Blackstrap molasses has 20% iron per tablespoon. Bought some today and it is pretty hard to swallow compared to regular molasses which has about 4% iron per tablespoon. I used molasses in my coffee this morning....pretty good.
oof. Blackstrap molasses is not the best tasting. It is more bitter. Tastes better in herbal tea.
I took iron when anemic...Ferron? green label. Also, found out that kale has 7 times more iron than spinach. Boil long with seasonings.
My ferritin was 11 too. I've managed to raise it to 39. Apparently, I have a problem with absorption. According to what I've read, it's best to take iron on an empty stomach with some form of vitamin C.

If your numbers don't increase, you might want to consider switching to another type or brand of iron supplement. What may work for one individual may not work for another. Ferrous sulphate didn't do a thing for me...took it for ten months and it didn't help a bit. Yet, I've taken Slow Fe and Feosol, and I'm now starting to see some progress.

Keep us updated!:)



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