Anybody out there have any ideas/suggestions of how to get the top "poofy" crown area of a synthetic wig to lay flat or flatter on your head, so it doesn't scream...I am a wig !! ??? I also always hesitate to cut bangs, because I know what will happen....well, I just cut some, and sure enough....anybody know how to get bangs to lay flat and straight instead of sticking out and every which way???? HELP...I am starting a new job next week, and wondering what wig to wear, or to wear my own thinning, you can't dress for success and have hair like mine...just doesn't "go" with any clothing. I am concerned about wearing a wig though.....

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You need to have a professional wig stylist layer the bangs. Cutting them yourself is too blunt of a cut. Tease the crown and use wig spray to hold it. Give the wig shop one or two weeks heads up to leave it there, or make an appointment to go have it cut while you are wearing may need to stop her/him before too much gets cut.
Hey, well you should wear a wig, but if your hair is fine and short yes you can, or you can tie it. Like to me I wear a wig, easy simple. I have always wore syntethic wigs and mine were short and funky in a sense.
Maybe you could just mess it up a bit? dont make it look too perfect, thats what i did with mine, i had long wigs too and they werent human hair ones. U can go to a saloon and tell what you desire and what style you want for your wig.
Its your right..

I hoped i helped. xoxo hugs
Thanks to all of you who replied !!! Yes, I surely know cutting myself...too blunt a cut...damage done already on that one. I always hesitate to do anything with my wigs...I just use them out of the box...I have no wig shop that is close to me, close enough to have someone cut and thin them...): I don't trust a regular hair salon...they don't know how to cut wigs....the concept of ..."it won't grow back like regular hair" is new to them!!! The steam thing I know will probably work...but again, no real local wig shop.





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