I noticed today that half of my eyelashes on the top left lid are gone...it really shocked me because I swear that I still had all my eyelashes when I was putting on eyeliner a few days ago (I don't think I could have missed it). I keep hoping that maybe I had accidentally pulled them out or something, since I've been rubbing my eyes a lot lately due to allergies. Is it possible for eyelashes to fall out so quickly? It concerns me to think that my alopecia is now targeting my eyelashes :(

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I've taken iron pills before since I also have low iron levels, but they made me rather constipated :( Do you ever get that? Also, do you think castor oil helps with hair regrowth?

Good Morning. My daughters eyelashes fell out over a 4 week period. To be honest it was very noticeable to others that she had lost them so I went on a mission to find the most natural ones at a price point that is amazing. They can also be used over and over again for about 10 days. They are the Ardell 109 in black. Best thing I can tell you is to order them on line with a company called Madam Madeline. For those with Alopecia they give a 20% discount on top of an already great price. They retail in stores for about $5.00 and I get them for about $2.50 less 20%.  Yes, you can use them if you have no eyelashes. I took my daughter to a Mac Makeup counter at a quiet time and they were very kind and helped her to understand how to apply and then how to use liner etc and she looked like her old self. Good luck 

It varies. I have lost my eyelashes on my top left eyelid and bottom right eye. I started to lose them in August 2015. I have lost them before but not like this. Now I am so used to wearing fake eyelashes that if I don't apply them everyday, I feel "naked" without it.



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