How many out there would like to be given some worth while guidance if you are planning on wearing wigs?

I have been a member of AW for many years and don't believe that folks know how to order or look for a wig. I may be wrong, but all I know when I was new to AA I was without honest and sincere guidance. So if there is some interest out there I would love to start discussions of what I have learned and want to share so that your time and money is used appropriately. Your thoughts, ALO-MOM 

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Hi Alo-mom,

I am most interested.  I had beautiful thick curly hair but as a former cosmetologist I have always liked faux hair to change out my style and color.

Just diagnosed with Lichen Planopaliris...rare. Anyway, am moving into acceptance.  Still trying to navigate this site with NO responses. Need to practice I guess. Hopefully, I'll hear from you. It would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello Bon,

 It is amazing how many cosmetologists I have met over the years that have lost their hair related to a variety of reasons. I have learned that Cosmetologist learn a bit about hair loss, but I would really like to see them learn more. Also, there are not enough  hair stylists that will cut wigs which becomes a problem for women who buy human hair wigs and need them cut and  styled. Most custom human hair wigs require cutting and styling. Many women are attempting to get their prior look back and that can only happen with a custom cut. Synthetic Wigs are becoming more realistic, BUT you need to understand what type of cap construction and hair ventilation to obtain that natural look, feel and movement. I like to visit this website, but at times I am looking at very old posts. You did a great job at responding to me. I would love to answer any questions about any type of wig you or anyone else might be interested in and hopefully guide you to the best wig that meets your needs. I have learned so much about what to look for and feel I need to give back which honestly helps me heal after my daughter lost her hair to alopecia.  

I belong to a site on facebook called Wig Studio 1 Wig and Topper Support Group.  This is an awesome site where we all post pics of our wigs/toppers and can ask lots of questions about them.  You should check it out.....they are a wonderful group of ladies!

Hello Suzie, I guess I have to break down and create a Facebook account...I haven't because I have enough what I consider possibly invasive sites on my computer.  At any rate, I will create one.   I have to find another post on the blog site that also mentions a link on Facebook for help.  Thank you for your support......HooRah for the beauty and freedom of bald absolutely acceptable that we Rock it like men do!!! Once I become more knowledgeable I will start a support group in my area, North of Seattle. This is something that both sexes should NOT be ashamed of, nor suffer in silence. There are modalities that my naturopath is trying: LDN concurrent with LDA to save remaining hair, lashes and brows. I will keep this site posted on their effecacy both have anti-inflamatory properties....also focusing on the 'Issue' and stressing out isn't good for our general health, right? So getting still, going within, finding a mantra or affirmation that replaces the negative discursive thoughts based in fear around the hair loss works wonders for me. THE ONLY ADIVSE I HAVE AT THIS TIME IS: SEE YOUR DERMATOLOGIST IF SHE/HE NOTICES INFLAMATION OF THE SCALP AND REFERS YOU TO A HAIR LOSS/SCALP DERM SPECIALIST....MAKE THAT APPOINTMENT IMMIDEATELY!  Ask your derm doc if they see any indication of inflamation if they say yes and that's it request a referal to a specialist that may or may not do a biopsy.  I waited too long. Bon



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