How many have alopecia and have been on long term pharmaceutical drugs ?

I am bringing up this question because I was on Paroxetine(an Antidepressant used for social anxiety) for 11 years. I had numerous “unexplained” health issues arise in the last 11 years and didn’t know why. I am 5 months off of this drug and now that I know way more about it.... I am starting to point the finger at this drug and what it did to my body. Just curious if anyone else has had unexplained health issues and is on long term  pharmaceutical drugs. Thanks! 

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Hi I have been on paroxetine for around 14 years, as much as I dislike being on it, I have not been able to come off it fully since I started and am now back to 40mg per day. as for health issues, I have awful joint aches and pains. and get tired quite often.thats about it although I mostly blame this on age and not the medication.. im 45..I do feel quite vacant a lot of the time and struggle to feel any emotion, can't remember the last time I laughed... 

I know that feeling. I tried 3-4 times before and was unable to come off of it. Interesting, I also had massive fatigue for almost 8 years on it. I had to supplement with iron and b vitamins. The more I learn about the drug. It reduces your stomach acid(one of many things it does) which in turn your stomach doesn't break down foods properly. Resulting in inadequate amounts of critical vitamins/minerals being absorbed in your intestines. 

That was a big thing for me. I had no emotions... high or low. I was a zombie going through life on autopilot. 

If you don't mind me asking why did you go on it in the first place? 

  1. I have had alopecia from 4 years old life has always been difficult because of it.  the final straw was losing my eyelashes at 27 it really sent me under hence depression etc I began the paroxetine at 31 

Ya, that is extremely tough. It is challenging to come off of, but it can be done! 

I started taking paxil around the time I was diagnosed to AA. I recently stopped and going thru withdrawals - but I will never go back on it. I am taking xeljanz for alopecia. I’m hoping to have growth then ween off xeljanz too. I’ve lost most of my hair everywhere 

How long did you take Paxil for ? How long did you taper off the drug? I hear you on that. It took me a few attempts but I’m staying off of it this time. 



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