I've been freaking out about how to transition from having hair to a wig at a job. I currently can get away without a wig because I have diffuse alopecia areata, and no one can tell that I have any hair loss....yet!!!! My hair is in a downward spiral, and I know I'm going to need a wig eventually, but I'm clueless how someone introduces one when they go to work. Any input would be great. Thanks.

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Well take a deep breath and stop freaking out.Ppl react from our attitude.U did nothong wrong.U cannot help whats happening.Is ur wk lrg or small?R u close to ur co-wk'ers?Maybe u cld start by taking
talking(i meant) to ur boss.I wld give facts.Then jus wear it.It may not b anyone's business really.If someone asks whats up,tell them.Be confidentlIf it happened to them they wld wear a wig too.
And a BIGG HUG to go w' that. :)
Hey Heather, when i was first diagnosed and decided to wear a wig I told my coworkers. They have always been very supportive. Last week I decided to wear a scarve instead of my wig. Everyone was very excited to see my new look. A few of my close friends at work have been encouraging to come to work "bald" but I am not ready for that yet.
Wow...Roslyn that is awesome to read that a few of your close friends have been encouraged to go bald. I have friends and family members that are also an advocate for my hairloss. They have been sporting a wig since I have felt that I needed to. It's great to have that supporting feeling. Well you have a great week!
Hi Heather, I just recently transitioned from wig to wig the first of this month! I know its not from my real hair to wig but, I do remember when I had to do that in high school and work. I told only my close friends about my AU at school and some of the students and teachers were aware of this but, was kind to me about it. I say, be confident and open about it. People will respect what you are doing through. Some people probably will not even notice. Now, I work at a dental practice and my dentist and patients didn't even notice that my wig I was wearing to the current one that I transitioned to is two inches longer, has new highlights, and a new side swept bang! ~Holly
Thanks for your feedback everyone. It helps.
I was where you are just a year ago – and I mean almost to the date! I ordered a hairpiece that matched my color and style at a wig shop and then picked it up on a Friday when I had a day off of work. When I came into work on Monday I felt like I had SOOOOO much hair and it was so totally fuller than my real hair (plus I kept having to snap and re-snap that clips all day, I was sure everyone knew it). Since I was so sure my best friend (who notices everything) would blurt it out in the office, “you are wearing a wig!” I told her. And she laughed and tugged my hair. Then her eyes got really big because she thought I was just kidding.
Some AAs choose to tell, I have chosen not to tell. My hair grew back this year and my plan was to work up the courage to go back to work wigless after a week of vacation – you know , like maybe everyone would “forget” what my hair looked like… but I have gotten a couple repeat bald patches this month so I am sticking with the hairpiece for now. When I first got my hair piece (3/4 piece – not total wig)it was more highlighted. Since then I have gone to a single color so I have stopped adding lowlights to my wig and it is exactly the color of my real hair. I don’t wear the hairpiece on weekends anymore – to church, with friends, shopping. By this time in my regrowth it looks more like I am just not “doing” my hair. But it is still so thin and of course there are the new spots. Discouraging. But anyway, that is what I did
Funny thing happened this a.m., just after posting the above yesterday. My boss, who only comes into town every 2 weeks or so, said to me this morning, "You colored your hair! It's lighter! No more highlights?" I said, "Oh I stopped highlighting when the grey was getting too obvious and harder to cover up!" The only "real" hair she was seeing is some of my real bio-hair bangs blended in with wig-bangs. Guess it looks real to them by now. Another woman listening in was one of only two people who I told initially that I had AA and was wearing a hair piece (only TWO - I am a private person!). So I thought she would smile and giggle or something, maybe after my boss walked away. Instead when my boss walked away this woman started talking about her own hair color and how her hair is thin and how I have nice thick hair, blah, blah, blah and that she never notices any grey in it. She apparently has forgotten it is fake ... human hair, but still fake!
This can be a difficult time...it was for me anyway. If you do not mind telling people, it's probably best. Otherwise, I would suggest that you get something that looks very close to the hair you have now. Maybe mention to someone that you are going to get your hair done, or something like that. I had long blonde hair one day, and came in with long dark hair the next...it was a synthetic wig that looked fake. So I would try to wear something realistic. Also...if they think its fake, who cares?! ; )
During my job I lost my hair completely after leaving steriod. Look for a wig which is natural & makes u look pretty. If someone asks, just tell them u changed ur style. Mostly, u will get compliments, coz I got a lot of them! Dont worry, be positive!
Yaaaaa do this, just wear wigs of diff. styles,, buck up dear, just pray to God not to make other things worse for u, just pray Him to give u good health n knowledge n talent. God bless u.....





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