Hey, I'm Brett. My daughter, Cacy, has been AU since 2 years old. She wore a wig for about 4 days during Pre-K...she's gone bald every day since then. She actually loves it. It's what makes her unique!!!! We tried to enter her in a clinical study once, but she didn't want to do it "Cause I wouldn't be me if I had hair"

She is now 18 and has been voted Homecoming Queen. We'd like to find a super awesome tiara/crown for her but one that won't hurt her and one that will stay on. Typically the senior boy places it on her head during the ceremony but IF WE HAD TO....im sure we could fasten it on before she walks out.....maybe...LOL

Anybody have any ideas, suggestions, or experience with this situation?

Thanks All.

Brett (Dad)

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Congrats to your daughter for a great attitude and being homecoming queen, and to you for allowing her to be herself.  It might be challenging to find a tiara to stay on without wig / toupee glue or double stick tape or something.  

Maybe wearing something more like a whimsy (a small hat)  with lots of crystal beading, or possibly crystals on ribbon - which could be tied on.  Or, even a crown that goes all the way around the head?  If you're planning on purchasing or making something, I'd probably start with a wedding shop for ideas because they have lots or things like mentioned above and can be quite creative.   Etsy has some baby tiaras on a stretch band, so maybe could be adapted for adult head.  Pintarest has a Bald is Beautiful area.  Amazon and probably Ebay has tiaras which could be adapted.

My thoughts are something like this, just search 'headband tiara':

headband tiara

But I only suggest the ones with an ear-to-ear band, not elastic that holds it all the way around because on bald heads those slide upward and the whole thing comes off. Wig tape can be applied to the underside of the crown beforehand but you have to get the placement right on the first try to avoid awkwardly wrestling with it on stage, and I wouldn't trust a senior boy to handle that. has she ever worn headbands and do they work on her?





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