After loosing my lashes on my right eye. . . then having them come back only to have the left fall out. . . I have decided to try false lashes. I am having a terrible time getting them to look right. Can anyone suggest a brand they like? Any tips to applying them? I feel like my eye that has some lashes still looks ok, but the one with out looks really bad. I'm thinking it's because there is nothing for the false lashes to sit against? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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A lot of people recommend Ardell 110. I wore those for a while and decided if I was going to wear lashes, I might as well WEAR lashes. So I use Fauxlash Chloe which are really long and fancy (but I love them). There are a lot of posts on here about applying lashes. The truth is that it takes a while to learn to put them on. The first day I wore them it took me 45 minutes to put them on and they started peeling off 10 minutes later. Now, I can get both eyelashes glued in 5 minutes and they last throughout the day. My advice, keep practicing and try not to get too frustrated.

How do you pull off big lashes with no lower lashes.

Go to the drugstore and buy an assortment until you find the ones that you like. You can then find them online when you buy them in bulk. It takes practice to get use to them.

I wear Ardell # 108-but in brown because I have fair skin. There is an Ardel video on their web site that shows lashes being applied. I think when you have no eyelashes at all, you need to also learn to apply a line of eyeliner. Many women apply a thin dark line, then apply the eyelashes-then use a lighter pencil or powder for another line-but make it smudged, to soften the look. Eyeliner helps make the lashes seem to be real.

as others have said, it takes a lot of patience - applying them can be frustrating, but with practice comes technique and speed - I have been wearing them for about 14 years now, and I STILL have my days when they frustrate me or I accidentally get glue in my eye, everyone has their ways of what works for them. I too, use Ardell lashes - just try different ones until you find what works for you. Good Luck!

just keep practicing. the ardell brand is really good, any style. but i'd recommend that you muff up your pair you already bought first. just apply. then walk around your house for an hour, do some laundry. clean up a little. then take them off. (it's best to use makeup remover for the glue; i actually use makeup remover wipes.) and reapply. simple. and it's practicing. you can clean the eyelashes as well, with makeup remover, so you can keep using the eyelashes more than a week or so.
personally, i put on eyeliner first. apply the lashes. then put on eyeshadow and more liner as well.

I had trouble once my lashes fell out but here is my routine...
I take the lashes out, I use ardell 110 or Andrea 21 from amazon now- they have a subscribe and save program with auto deliveries, about 2.50/pair. Anyway, I bend them a little when I take them off the tray to make them a little more rounded. Then I take a toothpick and put dark duo glue on it along the edge, which I then put on the eyelashes in a medium weight line. Idont make it huge and gloopy but more than just wetting them. Then I let them sit on the counter while I get dressed. I weight down the front of the lashes so the glue doesn't hit. Then when the glue is just starting to dry- about two. Injures- I take a tweezers an tweezer and line it up with the center of my lid, getting as close as possible to the in er rim. By the way, I do eyeshadow first then Mac fluid line gel liner as a base. So I let the lash stick in the center the. I use the tweezers to guide rest of it on, focusing on the ends. I wait about a minutes then go back to my mirror- a 15x mirror- and gently push up the lashes so they sit at the right angle for my eye. Sometimes they need adjusting, other times they are already at a good place.

When I first started doing this I was sure it was impossible. It took a couple weeks to get it down and now its easy, though every so often there will be some screw up. Always carry a repair kit because evEn though I check mine every few hours, they sometimes unglue.

For cleaning, I have a little spray bottle filled with alcohol and I sprey the lashes when I take them off. After a few minutes, the glue peels off easily. I can wear them 3 to 6 times per pair.
I just retread this and would like to add that I can speak English but my iPad is overbearing in it's "corrections". Hope you can get the gist of the advice...

Great instructions. These should be archived. And good advice to carry a repair kit in your purse-I keep extra (soft) eyeliner pencil-a small high powered mirror, a tube of glue and an old soft rubber tipped make up thing for the glue -but toothpicks would do-I just seem to lose them. My lashes seem to loosen at the corners in wind.





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