Long-term thinning.. TE? CTE? Female pattern baldness?What to do next?

Good day 

I am suicidal, for real. 

I lost my periods 2 years ago and same time I have started to lose hair.r 

Right now I left with 1/6th of previous volume and I cry every day. 

I am afraid to start using Minoxidil or Rogaine, because first - I'm not sure I will be able to go throught hte stage when you're loosing even more hair (first two months), and second it's for entire life and seems like nobody has amazing results or full regrowth.... 

I could not overcome this loss. 

I was consulted with ukrainian in MYC dermatologists, but they all seem to see only one solution for every hair related problem - minoxidil. 

only here I've read about Xeljanz, and I want to ask your opinion... 

Could it help me? I'm not sure, but it seems like my hair loss related to my absence of menstrual cycle. So, could I have hope to regrow my hair or it will be like this (or worse) forever? 

Sorry upfront for my poor english. 

But I'm really could not take it anymore. I'm ready to finish my life. I literally cry everyday at least 3 times, I am ashamed to be outside. to speak woth somebody. All these years I don't go anywhere(except job and gym, also cut on gym because couldn't look on myself in the mirror)  and didn't have any dates. 

I need your opinion, my dear all.... ;(

few photos before/after before.jpeg





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I need to star Minoxidil, don't I??

i think with THIS there are no hope for natural regrowth anymore...


I don't  have sure, but I think u are polycystic ovary.  The pill espironolactona resolve ur problem. 

Don't you think it will mess up my hormones even more? It's a diuretic



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