Today I am having a hard day coping with my hair loss. I have been doing really good lately and this website has really helped, getting to know people that are going through the same thing. The closer and closer my wedding gets the more anxiety I have about my hair. That is the first thing that people notice and I am starting to be unable to cover up my spots. I have about 45-55% of hair loss all over my head. I really like the look of the natural, human hair wigs but you have to shave off your hair and I can not come to terms with that. I still have this hope that it will suddenly grow back. I guess i am just looking for words of encouragement or if anyone knows if there is anything out there for my situation. Thank you for designing this website, it has really helped me start to accept my AA.

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there are definitely a lot of choices. Thank you for that piece of advice. I will look into those!

Hello - you seem very knowledgeable about wigs. I am overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. What if you still have some hair? How does it attach? Which types can you swim in? How do you go to college with this? Please advise...

How about trying for Wefting??? The Dr. told me that, if someone hav little hair (bald patches but stil hav hair), the synthetic hair is clipped along with ur real hair so perfectly that it looks natural & real. No one can make out they hav been clipped on. Its something like hair extensions. U can find more about it from a specialist or even hair salons near ur place.
hi erin,
have you tried a human hair topper? i have about 50% hair loss and wear one every single day, including to play competitive basketball etc etc. i buy my "stock" (i.e. not custom but still great) from kiki wigs in brooklyn, ny. now that i know what I want i just call up and order. toppers are like a wig but much less heavy and basically just cover the top and sides of your head. i wear mine with bangs. hope that helps, it took me tons of research to find what works for me, but toppers were it. i also found a lot of assistance with toppers on



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