Has anyone tried a drug called Methotrexate for alopecia and folic acid as well and had a good amount of hair growth with it?

I just took my first dose of Methotrexate yesterday and didn't feel any pain or side effects with it so far. I am on 15mg dose and take it once a week and  folic acid on every other day not taking Methotrexate. It's this new treatment they are trying and I am just wondering if anybody else with Alopecia Aereata is on it. 

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I think they added prednisone too soon for you.  My first dermatologist tried only high dose prednisone (60mg) initially and I had zero results. Took another year and 3 more drs to find one with experience with AU. My current Dr had me on metho (worked up to 20mg) alone for about 6 month then added low dose 10mg prednisone and I had immediate growth (within a week).   The general plan was to be on steroids about 4-6 months with metho then wean off all meds later, but he tailors to each person based on blood work and response. 

Thanks, I have neen on Methotrexate at 20 mgs for two years now with minimal results. I will ask to try the low dose prednisone now.

No I was never on predinisone she just said she would give it to me if they metho had no success 

I never said I was on prednisone I said she would give it to me if she didn't see any results with the methotrexate.

I've been taking Methotrexate (10mg) for about 10 weeks with no sign of any regrowth.  Saw my consultant last week and he said as I had not suffered any side effects all my blood tests had been normal, he would prescribe it for another 3 months (15mg) - so am keeping my fingers crossed.

It would be great to hear of any success stories   :-)

Yeah same here good luck I am on 15mg :) I really hope all my hair grows back especially my eyebrows.

I really want my eyebrows and lashes back - I miss them more than my hair.  Good luck with the methotrexate  :-)

Thank you keep me updated if you have any luck :)

I just started this treatment but not for hair loss but for RA.  I'm told it will help with AU/AA because of the mechanism that calms down the immune system response, so I'm looking forward to it.  Just took my first dose today, and like you, I'm on Folic Acid every day and 10mg Methotrexate every week

I've been on methotrexate and folic acid on and off for the past few years to help control the inflammation on my scalp. I have FFA frontral fibrosing alopecia or LLP and have lost quite of bit of hair at my hairline and temples. I really haven't seen any new growth in a long time. The methotrexate is only supposed to calm down the inflammation, not grow new hair. My hope is to calm down my scalp and keep what hair I have left. It can be hard on the liver and kidneys and I had to have a liver biopsy after taking the Methotrexate for a while but it came back okay. It seems to be keeping the inflammation in check and I rarely have any pain or itching. Just ugly hair! But I do my best to hide it.

I am using it right now and yes, I receive good results. I also may recommend you where you can purchase really good ones. I have been searching for good online store for a long time and in the end have stopped at Canadian Pharmacy Florida. Also, this guys have other high quality medicines at a very good price, you can check by yourself!

 I tried it for some short time, but I agree that everyone is different though and it might work better for you.  I did not have any bad effects from it, but also I had no serious good effect. It seems to me that minoxidil is much more better. If you want to try it I know where you can get very good price. Also I can provide you with some discount in Canadian Meds Pharmacy if you PM me.



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