New member. I’ve tried to read all the discussions regarding Monat. My wife and I are trying to figure out if it is worth a try. Has anyone actually tried it? And if so, any results. It’s expensive and I dont want to waste my money. 

Daughter has Arreata and possibly Universalis. 

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I am using it right now. I like the product but I am not sure it is helping much. I have two spots (2 and 3 cm) and am having regrowth right now. I am not sure if the injections are what is making it come back or if it was going to grow back anyway. I told my dermatologist about the product and she told me that she thought it unlikely it would help as alopecia is caused by the inflammation and not clogged pores.  I asked about Nioxin as well and she said that she had seen some results with that for other types of hairloss, but not alopecia.  She reiterated that what causes alopecia would not respond to something like a shampoo.  Sorry if this was not what you were hoping for :(

Thank you Tiki M. It’s this kind of response that I needed. I’m sure that your dermatologist is right. We are hoping for something to come along. 

I would stay away from Monat. Just another multi level marketing product with no proven record of helping with hair loss.

best case scenario it would help healthy hair grow faster, but will not stop the immune system from attacking hair follicles. 

we tried it briefly but it's a bit cumbersome for children. you have to wash, let shampoo sit in hair for 2 minutes, then rinse, then wash again, then do a spray thing afterward

No monat is a complete scam.

if you understood the pathophysiology of alopecia you would know that. 

It is pathetic that people troll this forum looking to sell their worthless products.



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