Will lightening the dark hair(dirty blond that now looks black next to the colorless hair) to some what match the new growth hurt the new growth?

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Thanks for the reply, I think I am going to try it. It should only have to be once, I hope, since the sun lightens it in the summer and the regrowth seems pretty abundant(new was growing before we even got into the doctors office for the first missing patches). If it ends up needing it again I will reevaulate.
Hi Amanda,

My derm. assures me that nothing we do to our hair - coloring it, cutting or how we style it will not affect the AA. The source is all internal! Plus I think if you were doing anything to harsh to your hair you would know it... by the condition of it- like being to dry or breaking-- but don't think it would keep hair from growing.

I used to highlight my hair and stopped for a several years b/c of fear of doing something harmful until I had that discussion with the doctor- and about 6 months ago I went for it! It hasn't changed anything- other than make me feel better- it's a nice pick me up, isn't it? I just did some blonde highlights in the front- around my face- not all over.

Also I have dyed that new white fuzzy hair (the initial hair re-growth) several times to my natural color (dark blonde) and it helps hide my scalp/spot better. Again nothing negative happened- and I put the dye right on the spot! Just adding a little bit of color to that fuzz really helped the spot to become invisible and blend in as the hair continued to grow!
Hi there,
Thank you very much for asking this question. I read it last night - and decided to dye my hair (fuzz)...I feel much better. I can actually see just how much regrowth I have...very exciting!!
I have had no side effects to the dye...except a bit more confidence!!
Have a lovely day!
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im a hairstylist and ive had alopecia since i was five but never really came back till i was 20 years old and i use very gentle hair color but my alopcia came a year after beauty school when i was experimenting with my hair it stopped a bit and i let my hair come natural and it was doing good dr said coloring doesnt do anything to it BUT! then i decided to highlight just the front and then the front started my alopecia in the front again so in my opinion it DOES react to it but thats just me everyone could b diffferent i think going darker dont hurt as much since ur not lifting but i feel lifting the color does do somthing

15 years ago the grafting technique that was to translate many clumps of hair from one area to another, very quick surgery but gave little natural results, "doll hair" was used.

Five years later they began to realize micrografting, yet techniques that have improved much in the last six years because scars are avoided.





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