Why are companies charging so much for hair replacement? It seems to me that we are in this
(Alopecia World) alone.I think I need to clear up my statement of (Hair Replacement) the only
replacement is to wear a wig or nothing.Front lace wigs are more to my test! and price.

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I should have said (Wigs) some people do have hair to grow back,I have some hair but not enough for me to not wear
a wig.the front lace &full lace wigs are great.but the up/keep cost is to much I feel.I'm still looking!
Mary Linda,

I experienced the same growing up with wigs, therefore last year when I turned 50 I said "No more!" I started www.iwearawig.com and you will see the wig shop on there. I refuse to overcharge people with hair loss. I must also tell you that some distributors will not allow the seller to discount the prices. That is why I have the online chat and the discount codes.

Please take a look and if you need more help send me an email or use my live chat.
I feel your pain on this. I started out with lace front wigs and glue and my scalp can't handle it anymore...but I miss having one that is custom made for me. I'm looking into getting a vacuum wig. They are more expensive up front but I hear they last a lot longer. My best lace front wig only lasted a year....I hope you find something that works for you.
Thank you so much for this information I will pass this on.I'm looking for a company that will sell to us
wholesale I think we should start a online store just for (Alopecia) well keep me in your prayers.



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