Hello Everyone! It's been some time since I've last logged in to Alopecia World. However, very often I'd ask questions about different experiences people had. So recently, January 17, 2017 to be exact I went bald virtually for the first time and confidently doing so after 15 years of hiding behind my babies (wigs). It has been the ultimate experience. I feel very alive. I've had good and bad responses (bad were more so in the stares and people unfollowing me from social sites.) The good has been great! People who never spoke to me confess what they always thought of me. Guys the same guys who liked me w/ the wigs still like me after (maybe even more). I'm writing this to send positive light because I was often in a dark place under the weights of my personal mask. I understand in our Alopecia World some of us if not most have felt this dark place. Again going bald hasn't been easy. The emotions have been volatile, some reactions still hurt, but It is such a milestone that I wish I would've done sooner (I'm 27). It's been like ripping off a band-aid or walking for the first time mainly because of it being a new identity for me to walk this world with. So I hope this could be inspiring and/or thank you to all who have been in my past discussion who play a humongous part in me reaching this discussion! =)

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OMG! You're STUNNING!!!!



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