i've never heard of a correlation between alopecia and celiac's disease. but, i know my greatgrandmother on my father's side had alopecia universalis and my father had celiac's when he was young. so i think i'm going to try to go for the gluten free lifestyle within the next month. so. i'd like to take any recommendations. from how long i should keep my diet, to what website i should use to start it. i need to know anything i can. i'm looking for success stories, and failures. i'm hoping this might solve some things. but i know that my alopecia is brought on my stress as well - so it might not be celiac's. but i believe i'm going to try.

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you totes should try it! I've never heard of the diet though. I'll need to research it. Google FTW! c: I'll let you know if I find anything okie? -Jackie xxx

i'm very scared to share my experiences with someone who hasn't experienced them. i'm afraid of all the outcomes. rejection, abandonment, doubt. i'm struggling with overcoming these on my own right now within myself. i can't do it in front of someone else right now. but i'll look into it. thanks.
i'm going to attempt glutenfree lifestyle starting april 20. i'm looking for a better outcome with it. but it could be just the same as i think it might be. rejection. abandonment. doubt. we'll see how i react to the change it seems like.

i have been gluten free for the past 6 months. hasnt made a difference except that i feel better overall. good luck.

well, thank you for your opinion. i apologize, i'm fairly sure i was super sassy in my last reply. i was just having a bad day, and that brings your point even more to the forward. thank you for caring.





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