hi everyone i recently purchased a full lace wig and i wanted to know if anyone out there knows if i can wear the wig without glue or tape and of course on a bald head..i hope i can otherwise i just spent a lot of money for nothing.. any advice will be appreciated

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It depends on the construction of the wig cap, but generally, you need some sort of adhesive even on custom-sized caps to secure the hairline.

I use Got2B Glued spiking glue -- the stuff that kids use to make those pointy mohawks stay up. It works beautifully as an adhesive for lace wigs (any wigs for that matter), it hasn't irritated my sensitive skin at ALL, and it washes off your head and out of the lace cap easily with water.

Another decent option is "It Stays" body adhesive that was originally formulated to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, but also works to keep lace wigs nicely in place.

thank you lori. do u know where i can buy the spiking glue. i only plan to wear the wig once a week the other days i have a cheaper one, this lace wig is only for special occasions until i get my freedom wig so i didnt want to use any adhesive, but if i must then i guess i have no choice

You can get Got2B Glued at drugstores or online

yes you can wear your wig without glue...just tighten it a little bit in the back with the straps in

Most full lace wigs don't have elastic straps in the back. I have tried the It Stays glue but found that being water soluble it releases if you sweat. I'm allergic to most of the glues and tapes so I'm really interested in alternatives

hi ladies thank you all for your comments.. well this is what i have discovered, I do not have total hair loss so when i do shave my head the stubble regrowth does provide nice traction to keep the wig in place, also for SUE T where i got my lace wig the sales lady tightened the cap by sewing the inside and when i am smooth shaved it also keeps the wig on pretty nicely so you can try to have your wig tightened a bit so it fits snug on your head.. it really does help

not sure what the base is in your full lace wig. or the perimeter of the wig... does it have any adjustment straps? i used to have a hand tied wig and there was nothing for tape to stick to. i sewed in a piece of brown fabric/plastic stuff that the double sided tape stuck to. it worked great. i only needed one piece of tape in the front. felt very secure. i also would buy the boxes of pre cut double sided tape, made for wigs. SO much easier than cutting and peeling from a roll.so i would say you can make your piece work for you. is it human hair? is the hair treated? or does it have all the cuticles intact? cuz I am looking for a breathable human hair piece. I love my Freedom piece. hair is gorgeous and moves and looks great. Had it made after a laser head form was made and it fits PERFECT. It's just too hot for a few things I do. please share... where did you get your full lace wig? and does it fit your head? custom made? or you going to take darts? They are so much better to wear when they fit well.

hi rose, i have also ordered a freedom wig and i cant wait for it to arrive, my wig is a full lace one it has no straps or anything and i purchased it from a local wig shop it is by noriko. i had the cap tightened and it fits great.. very comfortable not hot or itchy at all!! in fact i wore it out today and when i told my friend it was a wig she didnt believe me till i took it off to prove it. it has baby hairs which makes it pretty much undetectable the only complaint i had with it was that it was tooo much hair so i had it thinned out twice and now its perfect. noriko wigs can also be purchased online. for me i would have to say its the best wig i have ever owned and if u get the cap tightened it should fit pretty good. it was windy today and it didnt move. very happy with this wig

also it is human hair and very breathable

Tina, thanks for the input.I will check out Noriko wigs. My only other question is: how long is your hair? I wear my hair long, because I never had my own so I wanted somewhat long hair. I know the longer the hair, the more chance of "normal" tangles. But I can handle "normal" human hair tangles. Just no MATTING. My long hair Freedom piece is great - no matting. When I switch to my other piece (the one I am searching for... a quality non processed human hair on a breathable base)it has to look the same as I don't like changes. How long is your Noriko full lace piece? Oh.. ya... I know what you mean about too much hair. One of the dead giveaways on "is that a wig?" is TOO MUCH HAIR. Good you had it thinned to make it look and feel more real. Also, do you wear bangs?

Rose, my wig is a couple inches past shoulder and no i don't wear bangs, I wish i could but i have a small forehead

Thanks Tina. That's what I needed to know.

Old post, I know.  I have never heard of or seen a Noriko that was human hair.  Please explain.





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