Although I've had AA for over 10yrs., I still feel a bit green on the subject.
I've been reading about vacuum hairpieces, Freedom wigs, etc., & am curious if anyone can give me some more details, personal experiences, where these items can be found & possibly a ballpark price range.
I'm so eager to learn about all of the possibilities that are out there.
If you'd rather, feel free to send me a message.
Thanks so much!

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Yeah, I've been doing research, too, but with 3 kiddos running around on Christmas break........YIKES!
Thanks for the link.
Keep the info coming!
I'm beginning to think I need to take out a loan or refinance the house &/or cars for this!!;)
Hi Amy

I work for Freedom Wigs in New Zealand, where they are made. I'm happy to help direct you to someone closeby that will be able to help. I'm also happy to help with any questions you have about this particular type of wig. My daughter has worn a Freedom vacuum wig for the last six years and if you pop into my page you can see some photo's of her in her Freedom wigs.

Or if you want to chat to some wearers here, pop in and say hi to Cherylnz , Fitzy (both NZ'ers) or Lee from the USA. I'm pretty sure they will be happy to help.

Hope that helps.

Feel free to pop in and say hi if you need any further info.

Hi, I have a Freedom Wig, theres a few women who sell them on this site. If you want to ask me questions about mine, just shoot me a message. ; )
I've got a question for all:

I'm a lover of thick hair, as mine used to be. I would ideally want a wig to replicate the same thickness and considering that vacuums are so expensive I would want to make sure I was satisfied with what I was getting. It dismayed me somewhat to read that the highest density Freedom can do is medium. If there was absolutely no way i could get a heavy density wig from Freedom, would it be safe to add extensions (singular ones) to the wig? I am well aware of the problems this may cause, but if it's just a case of adding 150g might this jeopardise the longevity of the wig? I really do want to purchase a vacuum wig and am a little disheartened that it might not be able to be made to my specifications.

thanks to anyone who can help :)
Hi Sol

I think our terminology has to change. Our Light implant would be what most European womans growing hair would be like - (a normal amount of hair - not fine or thin). Our light/Med would be for those that really like full, hair and who normally had very thick abundant hair. Our medium implant is for those who want extremely thick hair.

Implantation can be a very subjective thing. This is why Freedom make sure that the people they supply are very knowledgeable about the Freedom product and have extremely good communication skills so they can understand the clients needs.

If you were to go forward with a Freedom Wig. I would suggest that you take some piccies into your agent of choice, showing what your hair was like and what you are trying to achieve. This will help everyone understand what you require.

Just a small word of warning. If implantation on a wig is extremely dense it can make the hairpiece look false and wiggy. I would always suggest people go for a lighter implant for this reason, but of course it is up to the client and agent to work this out.

Good luck.

Is there a website where i can see them? would i have to go in person to try them on? I´m very new to this and I live in Berlin, i´m kinda desperate, i really need a wig and all the wigs here are pretty bad, they look very fake and look more like dress-up than anything else. Does anyone know if i could find something in Germany? Thanks alot!


I've worn a wig for 46 years, please email me and we can discuss. You can also go to my live chat at

Hope to hear from you.





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