For people with AU, do you still have those almost invisible hairs on your face?

I have alopecia universalis but today I noticed that I have those little, almost invisible, hairs around my lip. Pre-AU this would be one of those things that bothered me. I really don't think they were ever there before and it's the only place I see anything. I plucked some out and they hurt! That's the first time I've felt the pain of hair pulling in over a year.

So I'm wondering if anyone else still has those hairs too?

I really don't want to think much more of it then what it is, as I said, it really is the only spot that I see any type of hair. But, I think that's pretty cool if something is growing on me.

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I have them also. I have au. Around lips and a bit around eyebrows also. They hurt when u remove them!
I have them too. After almost 3 years of no hair anywhere, all my facial hair has come back. Also about 3 months ago, hair on my scalp started coming back. I have had no treatment for my AU for the last 3 years. The hair on my scalp starts as short, fine, white hair. As it gets longer, it gets coarser, and the color starts coming back. I also grew about 7 or 8 eyelashes in the past 6 weeks. Strange disease.
It is strange! I also have no treatments, used steroids when it first started almost 2 years ago but nothing else after that. I can't find any other hair on my face but I also noticed a really awkward patch (maybe 10 hairs), normal color, somewhere else.

I just started a pill to help me stop smoking, I've been using it for a few weeks now. I can't help but thinking there's a correlation there as this is the first time my hair has grown since I stopped treatments. The drug is an anti depressant, they don't even know how it helps with smoking but it's been FDA approved. I don't see how that would have anything to do with effecting my alopecia. It's just that it's the only change I've made.



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