what do you think about follea wigs? or does anyone have experience with the wigs?
Thanks for your answer.

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Have one full lace custom on order since February. Supposed to arrive end of July. My daughters been wearing a follea since February. They sent an in stock piece because the company had a fire the week we ordered. Normally only takes 8 wks for custom piece. Highlighted blonde 16-18 inches $ 3,000.
Hello, I have been cutting and styling Gripper pieces for over 2 years. The thing about the Gripper is the fit. Grippers fits at the natural neck line at the nape neckline. This makes the piece look more natural. Check out the photo's and see Makayla wearing the Gripper in a pony tail.
Carmen West, Hairstylist.
Hello. I have a follea topette and it is really beautiful. I have no experiences with any other hairpieces to compare it to; as I have had this condition (areata) for only one year. I did not order the custom but rather one of the stock pieces (which, for some reason, is actually more expensive) because I did not want to wait for 6-8 weeks for the custom to be prepared. My piece was delivered within the week, and the hair is indistinguishable from my own hair.

Having now done some internet research, the price for Follea seems higher than anything I have seen (about $2,000 for the topette). But since I haven't tried some of the less expensive human hair wigs, I can't really say whether the extra price for the Follea is really worth it.

Good luck!
Beth M
I just purchased a Follea topette, and the hair is the nicest I've had on any piece in nearly 20 years. That said, for a 14" topette I paid $4K (the piece + a perm). I'd love to find an online source that's less expensive. And if they can't perm, I have a local source. Suggestions? Beth--where did you see it for $2K?
WestP Gal: I ordered my Follea topette from William Collier Design in Seattle. The price, which included custom coloring to perfectly match my own hair and a cut from William, the proprietor, came to about $2,200. I still have about 50% of my own hair and it blends in absolutely perfectly with the topette. Seattle may be too far for you to travel; but they are really fantastic there. Good luck. The website is www.williamcollierdesign.com.
Thanks Beth! I, too, still have about 50% of my own hair, so have always used a topper. This is my first experience with Follea. I love it, but can't afford $4K each time I need a new piece. I'll check out the website you mentioned. Thanks again.

If anyone else has a source from which you can order online (I'm in San Francisco), please send the details.
Thanks so much, Rose.
Hi Everyone. This is Michael from Follea. Apologies if anyone has not been able to find pricing information on our products. We are trying to change the industry. We believe in transparency for everyone and our pricing information is freely available. If you email me I can send it to you in PDF format. Michael@Follea.com
Please note that these are for our products in a bag "as is" excluding shipping, taxes, styling, etc. Professional Salons have significant overhead and have to add their fitting, cutting, styling, shipping costs, etc., charges on top. Also, overseas have additional taxes and import charges. But it should help. Thank you for your time. All the best. Michael.
The size that I ordered was 14-inch, and either a small or medium base. One factor that makes a big difference in price is whether the hair is de-cuticilized. The pieces that have hair with the cuticle intact are quite a bit more expensive. I ordered one with de-cuticilized hair, but I really cannot tell the difference when comparing it to my own hair.

The website that Rose posted looks pretty good. I hope you can find something nearby.
I have another question for those of you using a toppette... I use tape to affix it in the front, and have the sides and back attached by a local stylist like you would extensions. That said, this is starting to get rather expensive so I'd like to switch to using sewn-in clips for the sides and back. Is this what the rest of you do? Does the plastic-like base on the sides and back hold up when you sew in the clips? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Good input, Rose. Thanks! That's what I'll do.





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