Finding it hard coping with hair loss. How to adapt to wearing wigs full-time and how to tell people about hair loss!

I am having trouble coping with my hairloss. I have lost 50% of my hair with my hair very thin all over. I have hair on most of my head it is just extremely thin and see through and curly.

I am having trouble coping with my hairfall and at the point where I am not sure if I should shave it short and wear a wig full time.I do own wigs and have worn them in my free time around some people

My problem is coping with telling people about my hairloss and explaining my transition to wigs and shaving.

I still have hair ...but as I say it is at the extremely thin stage, where I can't do anything with it. If I go out in any sort of a breeze my hair is soooo flyaway and thin and I am concious of people looking at me.

Also I am working part-time at a childcate centre and have just started training to become an Early Childhood Teacher. When I work at the centre I wear a thick headband to try and conceal my hairloss. If I do decide to shave and or wear wigs full time I am unsure of how to explain it to people. Should I actively tell people about it or when they ask what should I say?

I am sure they will notice I am wearing a wig. I am also unsure of what to tell the little children if they happen to ask about my change in hair.

Any ideas of how I can cope with the transition or what I should do...I am so freaking out!!!! It is so hard :(

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Thank you so much for your comment it really helped xo

I can totally relate. I am so there with you. It strikes a nerve when you said go out into the wind. I don't have enough hairs to hold what I do have together. I work and also my biggest issue is how to transition into a wig and what will be said. Or said behind my back. How I will or will not be accepted. I feel now I am treated differently than I ever have been before at this job, due to hairloss.

Amen Lexi its nice to know there are people out there that Can relate :) xxo

I met a girl in my city the other day with alopecia and it made a huge difference having someone to talk to that can relate to what I am going through! I think we will be great friends and she is aweosme. I am also meetin another girl next week. I think for me having htat support has uplifted me a whole lot...and this site helps to so thanks everyone!!!! xoxo :)

I feel your pain, having been growing through this as well for prob 6-8 years and I feel as though it never gets any easier. Will people treat us diff? will my husband still look at me the same? Will people make fun of me? This aga def sucks!!!!! However I have been doing laser therapy now for 4 mo, havent seen much of a change yet but have def noticed my hair does not fall out anymore when washing or blow drying! The place I go is aewsome, and they tell me takes at least 1 yr for results.... fingers crossed!!!! Hugs xoxoxo Andrea

I think for me the Will my partner look at me the same? Is something I think about alot! He always says to me that he will always love me and be attracted to me if I have no hair, which is comforting to an extent. But the question still sits at the back of my he is just saying that

cool how cute about your kids :)

I'm at the same stage too. I know I have to buy a wig, but keep procrastinating. I am not sure if its pride, admission of defeat, or just laziness. I think if I started wearing a wig when the hair loss first started, then it would not have been as noticeable. Now with this short patchy hair, it will be for sure noticeable. But you know what? People wear wigs, or weaves or extensions, ALL OF THE TIME. So its not so much wearing the wig, its taking it off, or explaining it if you are dating someone new. When people notice my patchy hair and ask me, I just say "sucks I am losing my hair, will have to buy a wig soon" I make light of it, people who care for you are more accepting than we give them credit for.

It's a perfect opportunity to educate people about Alopecia. You could start with defining Alopecia and explaining the different types. Most of the people who aren't dealing with hair loss probably haven't heard of the condition. This was the case with me when I was diagnosed with Alopecia 5 years ago by a dermatologist.

What you say to people about your hair journey is going to weigh heavily on how free you are to speak about it. You could share no more than you desire or as much as your audience is willing to listen. After I stopped wearing a wig and got my hair shaved for the first time I found it brought such freedom into my life.

My confidence has been grown a great deal. There are times when I wear a cute hat to match an outfit I’m wearing, but I no longer feel the need to hide under a wig, scarf. I’m not saying anything against anyone who chooses to wear a covering. I personally found that wearing a wig was restrictive and I was always fearful of it falling off. (smiles) The day I decided to give it up, was a day of pure victory for me. Day by day it has becomes easier and easier for me to talk to anyone who will listen about my hair journey. I further find that my hair journey presents the most wonderful opportunities for me to share my faith. What a blessing!

As for children, it’s also a great opportunity to educate them on a condition called Alopecia that causes some people to loss all or some of their hair. It's also a teaching moment to teach children about not judging or bullying other children who might be going through something like Alopecia (due to cancer, etc). I continue to educate my 9 year old god-daughter on Alopecia. One day I asked her to pray to Jesus to heal me and restore my hair. I was amazed how she handled my story. She prayed the most beautiful prayer. So sensitive! If only all everyone were as sensitive.

Keep looking up – God is looking down!

Cheers :) appreciate your input :)

I was at the same place 5 years ago. Here's my recent blog about how I shaved my head, gained control, sent out a photo taken right after the shave, and came to accept myself as a bald woman. I hope it helps:


Thanks so much I will take a look :)





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