Are there any foundations that assist in funding steroid injections?
My daughter was attending a vocational school for cosmotology during her
senior year in high school to prepare herself for Aveda Salon.
In February of that year all her hair fell out (universalis was the diagnosis)
recieved from Dr. Hordinsky (head of Dermatology at the Univerisity of Minnesota)
She was also seen at the Mayo Clinic. Both advised her it was an autoimmune issue.

Its five years later and she decided to give steroid injections a try.
Its been 4 weeks and HALLILEUYA she is responding.

She just got a bill in the mail and her portion of the cost is in excess of $500.00
Insurance is not covering what we were told they would.

She is scheduled to have full head injections next Tuesday and we have no idea
how much it will cost.

She is a working her way through her 4 year degree as a Cosmotologist of all things.

If anyone has any information to help us pay for her dream of a full head of hair
please guide me in this direction.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration !

Loving Under-employed Mother

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Hi! Im a cosmetologist to and it is hard to have these hair issues and work on hair and talk about it all the time! I lost my hair when i was 21 im now 26 and as of now i have a thick head of hair curly and beautiful redish brown but a dumb little spot that is takin forever on top! But its finally growing! So i choose to wear a great wig noone knoes! As far as financial help i have never heard of anything that helps pay for it i would probaly call insurance and see whats up or write a letter to them talk to whos inncharge because they should cover injections! As for me injections worked a little bit the rest of my hair grew back pretty much alone just let it take ifs course i use good shampoos that stimulate my scalp i take all sorts if multi vitamins biotin b3 d3 i found i was deficant in and my hair n nails feel stronger since i started! Wish i could help more !

I hope you are able to find some backing or the insurance company will cover what they said they would originally. I am undergoing more injections on Monday and am afraid what it will cost because we have the high deductible plan so I am sure we will be paying a good amount of it. If you come across any more information please post it and let us know! Good Luck! :-)

I hope that you will find some help,goodluck



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