Hi everyone, 

I have had AU for little over 2 years now, I shaved my head after my AA got really bad and then it developed into AU. With the loss of my eyebrows and nose hairs, I've been experiencing constant irritation, including dry eyes and a constantly blocked nose from dust and what not getting up there. I use eyedrops for my eyes currently but they don't always work, I have also tried nasal sprays which never work. what are some possibilities to reduce irritation, do glasses help? Please, any suggestions are welcome. 

Cheers, Nick. 

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I had forgotten about the eye discomfort. I developed AU 4 yrs ago.  Irritation lasted a long time well over a year for me and it finally went away.  I wear hard contacts so I may be desensitized.  I still wear sunglasses a lot especially around blowing wind and car air vents. Glasses did/do help for me.   For a while I used Neilmed and rinsed before bed each night.  If I'm in a dusty situation like mowing the yard, I use a bandanna.  It should get better at some point.

A quick question did the irritation go away or did you just get used to it? i would rather fix the issue rather than just putting up with it, if you know what i mean. i just think its surprising there is not much i can do. i refuse to go on any sorts of medication too, because of past effects it has had on my mental and physical health. I have considered glasses too, that might prove as a viable option. 

I was convinced that the lack of eyelashes were the cause of my dry eyes but my eye doctor disagreed with me. I was still convinced until my eyelashes grew back and I still have dry eyes. Anyways my eye doctor said it's probably because your body changes, and that also affects the quality of your eyes, so you may have just developed dry eyes. Do you notice it being worse at any point during the year? One suggestion he gave me was to wear an eye mask at night, if you're waking up with extremely dry eyes, b/c some ppl sleep with their eye's slightly open which will cause dryness. I've been wearing an eye mask since I was a small child and it obviously isn't helping me, still worth a try though. I'm still not certain on whether or not the eyelashes have an affect on dryness but if that was the cause for me then I shouldn't have that problem now. I would consult your eye doctor b/c there are a lot of options including a simple surgery or prescription eye drops. I did notice how easy it is for stuff to go in / irritate them w/o the hair for protection but I only wore sunglasses to solve that problem. I never noticed nose issues like yours (with the exception of allergy's) have you tried taking something like Claritin? That might help.

I went to my local GP and he was convinced it was due to the lack of eyelashes, my parents wanted to clarify and I got a second opinion from my old dermatologist who is leading in her field, she too said it was because of the lack of eyelashes. I've never really experienced dry/watery eyes in my childhood or teenage years either. I have also tried allergy medication to see if it would help my nose irritation but achieved no positive result.  

I had a terrible time with my eyes starting last summer. Saw my eye doc and now have allergy drops. She also said to use the name brand eye drops because they don't use preservatives. Try an eye mask for sleeping also. Living in southern Arizona, my nose gets really dried out. I use a saline rinse whenever my sinuses get too dried. There is an oil, ponaris nasal emollient that is also very good for the nose. Hope this helps. I also run a humidifier 24/7. 

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