Anyone try lattise for eyelash growth. My dermatologist prescribed it for me a couple of days ago. I miss my lashes more than my scalp hair or eyebrows.

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Never heard of it. I sure would like to know if it works for you, though.


Will keep all updated
I don't have any lashes to apply it to, so ...

Check out the side effects. It can actually change your eye color. So again, not for me.

I do understand about really wanting lashes. Me, too! The average person doesn't realize how much lashes block things from getting in your eyes. Even water running down your face in the shower can quickly put soapy water in one's eyes - with no lashes to stop it or even slow it down. And, with no lashes or nose hair to stop pollen, dirt, etc., my allergies are rampant. My eyes are so sensitive that I can't even wear false lashes.
I'm going to try one round of lattise and see what happens. I can always go to a makeup person for help with false eyelashes for special occasions. I can't see close up enough to apply them myself.
I know the side effects of lattise and am willing to give it a try.
I've thought about trying it, but haven't yet. My doctor said the risk for a change in eye color is only if you have green eyes, which I do. :(
I was told if you have brown specks in your eye color, they might become darker mi have blue eyes without any brown. So we will see.

I tried it no luck!

I thought I would give it one shot mom sure not shelling out 100 bucks more if nothing grows!
Well I quit using lattisse (spelling?) because I wasn't seeing results and I didn't like the way it was making my eyes feel. I am now struggling with major eye irritation and allergies. Been going on for a month now. Will finally see an eye doctor later this week.

i've used latisse on and off for years and it really works if you have lashes left but it wont work if you have lost them already. it esentially works by helping your lashes hold out longer before they naturally shed so they dont really work in terms of making new lashes grow. also the only changing of eye colour that has been seen in drug studies is that brown eyes can get "browner" and that study was done with subjects having direct eyeball contact with latisse.

hope this helps!



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