I have definately lost my top left eyelashes with only a couple hairs on each end. Ive noticed since they started falling out that almost right away there were short white lashes in their place, and they got longer at the end of my eyelid. My question is... is this regrowth, or does everyone see this when they loose their lashes? Ive seen pictures of people with no lashes and they have no hairs there so I was assuming it was regrowth but the ones in the middle dont seem to get any longer and sometimes if i pull very lightly on them the odd one will come out...?
I hope someone can answer this for me I would very much appreciate it

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This is what happens with my daughter and I would suggest this is regrowth. How long it stays etc. is anyones guess but in my experience with my daughter (she has lost her eyelashes twice in the last seven years - they are back at the moment). My daughters very blonde soft regrowth eyelashes turn into normal eyelashes over a few months. I hope this will be your experience as well.

Take care

Thank you for your reply! I assume is regrowth as well the only reason i doubted it is because they dont seem to be growing and like 3 have come out in the center, more so from me playing with them though i think, which I know I should stop lol But I thought eyelashes grew faster than that and its been about 2 months and I thought by now they would have been back full..
I think if they came back in it would make everything else so much easier for now!
Thanks again!!
hi i lost my lashes a few months ago and i had the same had a few tiny white hairs in place, but over time i have most of my lashes bak, :) so there is hope and some r white and some dark but also some seem to go where they want, lol, i wear contact lenses and wen a wee hair decides to bend down it hurts lots, lol, anyways keep positive as i have mine after a short time, :) xx
you honestly have no idea how much happiness these replies have added to my day :) lol
I get fine white hairs with some regrowth, but some stay some dont. I also found out yesterday on you tube that vaseline apparently helps them grow, not sure if it would work, I havent tried it yet.
my moms cousin told me when she was younger her friend had this condition and the doctor told her tp put baby oil on her eyelids at night because it loosens up the follicles and allows the hair through. I would assume the vasline would be the same kind of idea. But i wondered if it would also loosen the good ones, and then they would fall out easier.
I doubt it because the good hairs have a solid root holding them in place. With alopecia, those hairs' roots kinda just 'let go' and they fall out.



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