Hi, all!

I've been using a growth accelerator by Ardell which is supposed to make your eyebrows and lashes grow but I haven't noticed much progress yet. The place where my lashes and brows are supposed to be itch sometimes, which I think is a good sign, but the only two or three lashes that have grown are extremely blond and weak. Have any of you used this or another product and have seen any progress?

Also, I got my eyebrows tattooed during summer, is it possible that this is keeping my eyebrows from growing? I did ask the woman who got my eyebrows done before getting the tattoos and she said they could grow through the tattoos but I'm starting to get worried...

Thank you!

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I have not used Ardell or any other meds to accelerate the growth of my eyebrows or eyelashes. However since I have lost my eyebrows and eyelashes I do notice that periodically a few hairs do sprout out  and then they fall out again. I personally now I don't  worry about it anymore. I don't think the tattoos would stop your eyebrows from growing back so try not worry too much. I have been thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed next year. Currently I have to draw my eyebrows on. Its funny because a lot of women these days are shaving off their own eyebrows to either draw them on or get them tattooed on. I even read in magazine that a make up artist for runway models prefer less facial hair on the models. They called it a blank canvas. If your real eyebrows grow back you can always shape them to the form of the tattoo. 



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