Eyebrow loss? Half an eyebrow loss? Where is the rest of that eyebrow and is this common?

For a long time I have had eyebrows from the middle in towards my nose. The outside half is totally gone. The part that is there is very light and thin, but stable. Does anyone else have this or know what this is? People notice it CONSTANTLY if I do nothing about it.

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I had about the same problem you describe until one day I found this eyebrow site, www.blinkiesonline2.com

I now proudly wear their B058 'cause it matches what my hair used to look like. My new wig matches it perfectly. I'm one happy lady! Take a look and see for yourself if any of their colors would work for you.

Good luck,

Thanks really cool product! Have yours always been like that, or did it happen? I think it doesn't help that my natural haircolor is light blonde.
Loss of the outer third can be linked to thyroid problems - not sure about half. My outer half comes and goes too... even when it is there it is much sparser than the other half and I have to fill it in. I developed this before I overtly developed autoimmune thyroid disease.
Ok, sure there's that. First it was down. Then it was way down. Then it was actually really way up. Way up again. Now technically "normal" but with the ultrasound one side is enlarged and the other side is markedly small. So since that's been haywire for so long that could be it. When I left sunny Phoenix, I developed the adult version of Ricketts, this crazy low vitamin D thing that they said was not diet induced and not relieved by regular supplements. Coupled with another long list of health problems, I should be surprised I have hair at all I think. Thanks for the info.
Interesting about eyebrows. My most recent Thyroid levels came back normal again. But I still feel they aren't quite right. My right outer brow is all but gone. I have an occasional hair Darker hair that grows out in the area but it is really gone!
I'm missing all but an 1/8 of my right brow. I wish it would all fall out or grow back I would hate to have to shave an 1/8 of an eyebrow everyday and now I just look like I'm really surprised in my right eye, yet not enthused in my left… I think this is pretty common with Alopecia.
I think you are right. I think we should just learn to expect the unexpected. One side of mine is worse than the other, but again this light blonde hair is not working for me. I think even if it was bushy you might not see it. Once in high school I paid money for someone to take vegetable dye and paint my eyelashes brown from prom. :0)
I had half a right side eyebrow for about 9 months, one person thought I was high on drugs and constantly picking it
After I told him it was because of Alopecia he suggested I shave them off... So I did...
And now I have no eyebrows at all...
I can't figure out which looked weirder haha
Hi, I had this happen to me and eventually I lost all hair on both brows. I solved it quickly with a trip to a makeup counter and starting filling it in with makeup. It saved me because for sure I noticed people looking at them more than listening to me :(

I suggest you do the same... Good Luck!
This is how my alopecia started (before I realized what was going on). However, I lost the inner portion of one eyebrow. It looks like people have suggested it being a thyroid issue, which is what we suspected when I first had the problem. I went to the doctor who first told me it was probably a type of ringworm (YUCK!), but later changed the diagnosis to alopecia when I started losing hair on my scalp too.
I started filling in with a brow powder (which I think looks more natural than using a pencil), but eventually got the tattoos. Now they come and go, but the tattoos work like a great template for grooming what little brows i may have :-)

Good luck!
Oh fun update. Ok, well not actually fun, but very interesting. So I thought I was stable with the eyebrows, but now that I look today, I notice that the inner used to be stable half is receding towards the bald half. So, I , like Chewbacca, Devin and others have like a part of a part of an eyebrow. Comical though because going outward now there is the part next to the nose that needs filling. Then there is the normal part. Then there is the gone part again. I'm thinking I better take pics FAST to get a good handle on what those brows used to look like in case the next time I look up they are even worse!! Absolutely certain that my goofy VA doctor won't argue about adding or changing that androgenic alopecia diagnosis. I got it because of the receding hairline and the diffuse loss, but I have patches too and am losing on my arms, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. as well. There ya go. That can be my next burning question. Can you have more than one type of alopecia? I am certain that you can! Thanks to all that replied on here. You have given me great advice and support.
I had AA, AA, AT, AU, AT. Now, I think this is my final stage, as it has been the same for over 10 years.





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