Extensive alopecia areata is reversed by IL-12IL-23p40 cytokine antagonism

who know this one, i could not download the article?  is it

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I think the article is one that doctors purchase through certain journals. It would be great if NAAF would break it down for our community.

here is the article


Thank you for finding it. Lisa

sure; i think we're still atleast a few years out from pediatric application, but perhaps they'll come up with a topical form, or a locally injectable form that's safer for kids.

when this can be used ?

it's available in the US and some other countries for psoriasis.  your physician may be willing to prescribe it as an offlabel use for alopecia.

Damn thats a really good thing.Btw i am from Turkey i am on my 2nd week with my xeljanz.Male.

Gonna ask my dermatologist here.

Hi. I know this is off topic but would really like to know what price you paid per bottle of xenjanz. Since you are Turkish I assume you would have the latest price deal and this could be of great help to this forums community. Thanks in advance ,, bibby

Sorry for the late answer.It's 546$. for 56

Let you know normally without Follow Up form its illegal to be sold.


Back in November of last year I asked my very well respected dermatologist about this treatment for Alopecia. I will never forget the impression on her face. Complete shock. Then she laughed and said "sure thats used for skin cancer" !!! 

She did not have a clue about the treatment success in France nor the trials that were happening 6 months previous to the appointment. This will probably be the treatment of choice for Alopecia within 10 years and once its deemed a viable treatment we will all have to get our cheque books out as it will be expensive in the extreme. 

I went to see my dermatologist 2 months ago... I told her about the interleukin for alopecia and the study bring done in France by Dr Passeron. she told me she would look into. 2 weeks later I saw her and she said "No, this drug is dangerous and it is for cancer treatment"
sadly I wasn't able to convince her!





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