I just heard this phrase a couple days age and then happened to come across it on here, but still do not know exactly what it means.... I am understanding it is your hair breaking off and leaving a short stub? I am wondering if I have this, for a few months I have had my hair thinning but each new area has had like rough stubby hair (like when it starts to come in after you shave) and my mom told me she thought it was regrowth, but I never understood why my hair would fall out just to grow right back in. I have lots of them but they dont get any longer? Has anyone experienced this or jknow what it is? If thesae stubs are signs of where my hair fell out, how could it break if its suppose to be the follicle shutting down or whatever??
sooooo confused with everything!!

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Someone else correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is those hairs are what's left of the shaft (under your skin) when your hair falls out. So these, too, have to fall out before new growth starts. For me, I would lose an area of hair and it would start out completely bald. Then I could feel these stiff hairs in the area that were black . Next, they would fall out and I would be completely bald again and after that, new growth of soft hair would come in. Oddly, this has not happened with the hair loss along my hairline and the hair that IS coming in is white (not grey) and delicate like the hair on the rest of my body.
This is the most unpredictable disease. One thing you can be certain of though is that the follicle is NOT dead and your hair always has the POTENTIAL of growing back. The problem is your immune system thinking your hair is a foreign body, hence "pushing" it out. The hope is that it somehow stops doing this but no one knows.
Hope that helps.
Sounds about the same as my understanding. Except that the hair before if falls out is normal but narrows just over the scalp and then widens again at the scalp. Which makes it look like an exclamation point. The hair then breaks off at the thin point or falls out in tact. The follicles go dormant for up to a year even after they have stopped being "attacked" so improvements from changes are hard to associate with the changes which makes it very hard to find the root cause. I am convinced that diet is at least a major factor. The consensus on this site seems to be gluten, dairy, and thyroid. I've had this for 24 yrs so if you want a lot of experience wrapped up in an admittedly long post theb check out the discussion I started. I think you just have to click on my name.



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