European hair wigs - Gemtress, Impression, Follea, or custom-made from Russia?

Looking for high quality European hair wig on a great cap for a decent price. Follea looks really good, but it's above my budget. There's been some discussion on this site about Gemtress as well as the Impression line(from Lori's website), and saw some posts on custom-made wigs from Russia as well. I'm leaning towards the Venice or Fire by Impression (on Lori's, though still unsure. How do they compare to the others? I would love some feedback ... please and thanks!

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I'm not sure what you are wanting when you say European Hair wigs.  What does European Hair mean to you?

Are you wanting processed hair or unprocessed hair and do you understand the difference?


I have been wearing Indian remy hair for the last few years since I developed AU, and I am currently trying to find out if it is worthwhile to invest in a finer hair that originates from slavic/russian women as opposed to indian/asian/etc.  If I buy another indian remy hair, then it will have to be processed as it needs to be lighter than the black it originally comes in ... if I buy a European hair piece, then I hope to find one that isn't processed but is close to my natural colour (medium to dark brown).


Ok, I understand.  

From what I have read Follea use processed hair in the wigs they make especially in the lighter colours. (they call it lightly processed...not really sure what that means).  

I'm not sure what hair is used in the other wigs you are looking at, but if you just ask if it is processed or not, you should get a straightforward answer.

The hair I understand and know about is totally unprocessed virgin human hair.  There are very few manufacturers that work with this hair.  Making wigs using this type of hair requires skill and expertise.  Handtieing is not usually effective with this type of hair - as the knot has to often be processed in some way to stop tangling.  So, usually handited wigs (by necessity have to use processed hair).  Some manufacturers do have skill around using this type of hair but in most instances the cap would be conventional - with the pitfalls that causes, (wefts and bulkiness).

The colour hair you are wanting should be available in unprocessed virgin human hair...but it won't be cheap.  Unprocessed virgin human hair is costly, to buy and to produce a beautiful hairpiece with.

If I can help with any further information feel free to ask as the wigs my daughter wears are all 100% unprocessed virgin human hair.  She has blonde's through to very dark brown.  Pop into my page and have a wee looksee.

good luck with finding something that suits your needs.

Rosy :) 

Thanks Rosy. Is it a Freedom wig that your daughter uses?

yes :)

She looks beautiful! :)

Thanks - I think so too, but I'm probably very biased because I'm mum. :)


Hey Andrea. We talked about this issue a couple weeks ago and I told you about my gemtress with a great cap but not such great hair. Any luck in your search? My husband took the liberty of contacting a follea agent for me. He thinks I should meet with her. I know he's trying to be helpful, but I just don't know if it will be worth the money. It sounds like we're looking for the same thing so keep me posted if you find anything. I'm off work for the summer in a week and I'm going to start some intense research then. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Hi Ariel, I waffled on my decision for a couple of weeks ... I have a contact in the UK who could make another wig for me ($500-$1200 depending on hair source as well as cap type ... Euro hair with silk top is $1200), or the Gemtress European hair ($1400-$1500), or Matt Yeandle's ($1500-$1700). In the end, I decided to try the Gemtress piece simply because they are allowing me to try it and send it back if I don't like it. It should be European hair with swiss lace front and silk top ... will let you know when I receive it. If it isn't what I am hoping for then I'll return it and probably go back to the UK wholesaler I've been working with over the past few years.

Note I also looked into MC Wigs as well as Fortune Wigs, however I am not crazy about the cap design. I briefly looked at ordering one from china with a custom cap design, however this scares me a bit ... $300-$400 and no idea if it would work or not. Bit of a gamble from my perspective, so I opted out of this option.

Keep me posted, I would love to know what you find in your research!

Don't worry about ordering wigs directly from China, I do it all the time. Yes they are cheap but what you have to consider is that most hand tied wigs are made there and the mark up on these wigs by western suppliers is enormous. I use Cooperwigs because I have found them to be of a consistent quality, but if you do some research there are others who also have a good name. The trick with these suppliers is to ensure that you specify what you want to the letter when it comes to hair colour and cap construction. If you don't it will be down to pot luck. I always have European Virgin hair, but I think that this describes the hair before the hair is coloured to your order. I usually order a T colour which is darker at the root end. I expect a wig to last a minimum of 6 months with constant wear and I order in cycles that allow me to have one for best and an older wig (but still in reasonably good condition)to wear around the house etc. In this way I go through an average of 2 wigs a year at a cost of around £800 + the initial cut and blow dry charge for styling at the hairdressers.

Great feedback Sue T, thanks. So quick question about the cap then ... are they able to make caps that will stay on without glue or tape? I am really hoping to find something that I can just put on and have it sit on my head securely without glueing, taping or clipping (which I couldn't do anyways as I have AU). Silk top, lace front, realistic ear tabs, adjustable sides or back, and no glue or tape ... and the option to wear pony tail, would be ideal.

Can you tell me which cap design you chose? And if you're ok to share, then I'd love to see some photos. :)

I go for a swiss lace wig with a thin skin perimeter. It grips the head really well without glue. I do however use an inch or two of the 3m white liner tape (I'm allergic to almost all of the tapes and adhesives if used for more than a few hours) in front of each ear if I want to pull my hair back off the face. Not to keep the wig on, but to stop the hair rolling the very edge of the thin skin back and allowing it to become visible. Thin skin isn't quite as invisible as lace but you would have to be really, really close and know what you were looking for to spot the difference. Thin skin also makes taking the wig off at night more of an option as re-taping a lace wig all around the perimeter can be a real chore. If you look at at my photos on this site I have pictures of me wearing one of my wigs, including a close up of the wig from above.



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