Has anyone tried colouring their white fluffy regrowth?, i've had white fine regrowth for a few months now, not quite full cover but heading that way though still unpigmented, very thin & just growing straight up, ( good few inches now & starting to look a little crazy! ) I was thinking i might put a wash in - washout colour through it, though thinking this will probably lead to colouring my scalp & little else.
I expect i should leave well enough alone, as will probably fall out before long..... does this white fluff ever turn into proper growth or just teases us?

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When my hair all grew back (13 years ago), it started off as peach fuzz and as it grew out it gained pigment. What color was your hair before it fell out? Mine was a dirty blonde color and grew back brown! I don't know if I would color it...that seems risky to me. I know they say that coloring your hair doesn't trigger alopecia but the two times I have colored my hair in my life (14 years ago before it fell out, and just a few months ago) have lead to hair loss. I am now losing my hair for the 2nd time.... Has your hair grown back before?
Hi Sarah, this is my first real regrowth since alopecia totalis, ( year ago) though i had slight fluffy patches now & again when in the areata stage ( started 3 years ago) my hair was brown & i have a couple of "dirty looking" patches where a bit of brown hair is coming through, i probably should leave alone i know,it's just as with every" look" this journey throws at me i wish it was something else! If a year ago i was offered a few inches of white hair, covering 75% of my scalp i'd have been more than happy!
Thanks Leonore, i may check out the veg type dyes, though as you say i think its just gonna show the lack of hair really, so guess i should wait a while longer & see if i get more growth, particulally the dirty patches that appear to be like my original hair, Thanks Guys x
Hi Lisa. I colored my white fluff...it didnt really take the color. It was so fine you really couldnt even tell it was there, and the color I used at the time was an auburn, so it did color my scalp, but that also helped hide the bald spots. In time, my fuzz got its color back, but I have read that everyone's situation is different. Best of luck to you, as there are no black and white answers, it seems.
I have alopecia areata and just always have spots here and there. My spots grow back and new bald spots show up all the time. Usually after growing back white, the hair turns back to the original pigment, but I have two fairly big patches that simply have refused to regain their pigment! Last time I went for a haircut I decided I would try to dye the patches to match the rest of my hair, but just like Diana, the dye didn't take! Funniest thing. My hair stylist turned bright red and was embarrassed and thought it was her fault. LOL. Told her it wasn't. But isn't it so funny that the white hair won't take the dye? Wonder why?
Thanks Diana, Mandy

i gave it a go a while back ( i too chose an auburn colour Diana) but the minute i put it on i realised quite how bald i still actually was & thought i best get this off , quick!! it left my white peach fuzz .....pink!! oh well i thought peolpe look anyway, so nothing new there then!! i now how a large patch coming through with colour, lot darker than i used to be & its even starting to get a bit of a kink in it ( i was very curly) most still white and still lose a lot of it as quick as it grows, so very patchy, pink, white, very dark, kinked & bald not my best look! still cold here in Perth at the mo so under hats most of the time as, my how cold is it without hair!!!
Hi Lisa
I too have attempted to dye my white hair as it grows back. It tends to grow straight up in thin whispy white fine tread like hair in the centre of the patches and then slowy close in around the sides with my normal colour until filled back completley. Takes approx 6-9 months to regrow after the inital fallout with me using 15% Rogaine/ minoxidil. However I feel your frustration here about the colour issue. I tried numerous dyes and NO standard dye dyes this tempermental white hair. About the only product I have found that does work is called GLH (good looking hair). Its on Ebay for about £10 and lasts for approx 2 weeks. Its a spray that coats this hair and matches the rest of my hair evenly. It has its downsides as its slightly messy and you will need to match your pillow cases with the same colour as the spray. It works for me anyways so its just another possible solution.
Thanks bibby, but after finding that the white fluff is falling more quickly than
it is growing I've once again taken the clippers to it! Oh well here we go again.....

i'm pretty sure that the white fuzz is a good sign that it could turn to dark "normal" hair at some point if you take care of it. I say if you have white fuzz, do everything you can to help stimulate it without aggravating it. I'm wondering if you could dye it too, cause i also have white fuzz. I think if its a more natural dye without ammonia it might be okay.

My white growth has been here over 12 years, so I am not hoping for regrowth at this point, and did have a shop (also tried myself) dying the sideburns and hairline hair to match my red or brunette wigs. Now, I just gave up and bought a blond wig...no more dying. However, if I go back to a dark wig, I may get one that will cover sideburns and hairline totally to avoid any more dying. I really don't care about hair growth any more...too old, too resigned!

Do not use dyes that may cause birth defects if you are thinking of ever getting pregnant or may get pregnant again.





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