Diagnosed AU without trigger: (trying) to cure the natural way

Dear all,

This is my first post. Last September suddenly out of the blue I started losing my hair, and it progressed very quick between 2 1/2 months to AU. Never had it before, On my 45th (!) The only thing I remember is that my hair became more thin when my mother died (I found her in November 2011 she fell from the stairs in her hallway) she had diabetes 2) So i think something to do with the wrong genes (my father has COPD/ asthma and Vitiligo and both grandmothers had diabetes 2), chronic stress, hormones and something with my intestines (painful stool since 2010: sorry too much information hahah) and dyeing my hair blonde too much (balayage, ombre) and i was addicted to Gel nailpolish. (Last year it started with severe headaches (skipped period 3 times and it returned + a got a cold/ flu) 2 weeks before my doctor prescribed vit D, then I got the flu and my skin started itching really bad, also my eyes(blepharitis) A week later I was on a vacation in Bilbao and San Sebastian the shedding began. In the swimmingpool I saw my hair receding and I thought something is seriously wrong. I thought I was going to die!

Did a lot of tests but apart from sensitive skin and AU, the endocrinologist and dermatologist said I have no other autoimmune dissease and they don't know what triggered it. What I notice now is that after losing all my hair my skin is more dry, so I try every day to rub my skin with sesame oil (ayurvedic)and use coconut oil as a night mask.And massage my scalp with argan and other essential oils (I'm a massage therapist) my eyes became more sensitive to light so wearing sunglasses is now completely legit :)

I was wondering if there are more people who experienced the same, 'out of the blue' AA/AU without other severe autoimmune diseases like thyroid or Crohns or Hashimotos or Psoriasis (My skin condition worsened though, had a weird rash breakout 2 months ago because of stress and work in the sauna I think) My skin is also more sensitive to warmth (working in a sauna giving hamams is not so much fun anymore) and more sensitive to scented body and shower oils (even natural) also allergic to some 'perfume mix' not all perfume but certainly perubalsam, Cinnamal.

After it all began, I went natural, reading labels more, food labels + make-up, health and beauty items. Also started gluten free, and prep myself to try GAPS or AIP. Tomorrow I'm going to visit an orthomolecular GP who is specialized in Autoneuroimmunology because I need some coaching to go on this diet because I want to do it right. I don't think that it will bring my hair back but I understand it's better to start the diet to prevent becoming polyautoimmune (more auto immune diseases)

The beginning of this year I gave blood in a clinic in Antwerp to a proffessor genetics for research (for the next generations of Alopecians) I also tried UVB for a few months but it did not help getting my hair back. Going gluten free did not help but, feel better because still managed to have the same weight as when I was 18. If there was a possibility I would start with Xeljanz but am waiting for a safe and inexpensive cure (the professor told me there are liver- related risks)

Oh I'm thinking of trying DCP but the stories I already read on this forum are depressing and scary. Still thinking about it but first going to try and see what A few months on the GAPS or AIP will do

I learn a lot here, I'll keep on reading reading and learning about this strange disease because still trying to cope.

Thanks for all the info you guys.

Kind regards and greetings from Holland,


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Hi Jake,

In some cases the right combination of medicine like LDN + vitamins/ minerals or the right diet or change of lifestyle (less stress) works.

But not for everyone. I know, that is the frustrating part.

Also with AU and AT it is very hard because the advanced stages of alopecia. But I think it is good thing to change diet and try to live more healthy to prevent more serious auto immune conditions, because the problem is that with an auto immune condition like this it is probable that you can get other auto immune ilnesses. So going gluten + dairy free is always a good idea.
Okay yesterday I started with LDN on a very low dose (2 x 0.25 drops)
No side effects and strange thing is, I woke up feeling better, I slept like a baby and I feel clear and the muscle aches in my body calmed down, no pain in my neck. This morning I took the following supplements: curcuma, magnesium, zinc,
I think I take 3 drops tonight.

Yes, my AA was "out of the blue" at age 58. I am healthy and have no stress. Sometimes I think I'm too healthy and my immune system needed something to keep itself busy.

The hair on my scalp came back twice (never lost eyebrows, eyelashes; thinned elsewhere), but it progressed to AU 1 1/2 years ago (62 now); nothing left except my eyelashes, which fell out and grew back (but are falling out again).

I've tried steroid injections, Plaquenil, going gluten-free, acupuncture, vitamin D, fish oil, biotin, none of which have worked and other "solutions" I just don't want to try. I find the work and worry of trying to grow hair, the having hair and losing it again cycle, not worth the work, worry, and stress it causes.

Sometimes I care, most times I don't. I think most of us have to try to find a solution in the hopes something will work. I accepted this condition at the start...it doesn't hurt, it won't kill me, my family loves me, my friends like me, and I'm still me. I have friends around me that have to deal with much, much worse, so I never, ever, complain (in fact, I'm known to joke about it often).

I wish you the best of luck.

Hi Pam,

Thanks for your comment.
Yes I can imagine, it is the best way to deal and cope to just accept it, that's what I did as well. But i'd like to try a few things.
And I can imagine that when you try and hairgrowth remission is not stable.
I was wondering Are you still on the gluten free diet and taking supplements?
And internists and specialists did not find a trigger? Remarkable how this strange disease can act different in so many ways.

I still feel the need to try out a few things. I see it as a puzzle :)

Good to hear and my respect that you have this strong outlook.

The best of luck and I wish you a stable hairgrowth!
(My derm told me that it can happen without any effort)



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