I started DPCP treatment under the care of a nurse in my local hospital June 2013. Its now July 2014 and all my hair is gone. I had mild alopecia areata since I was 9 years old , I am now 39. The hair loss was always mild that I could cover it up. From June last till December my hair went from 50% loss to about 10% loss (nearly all my hair grew back in 6 months on the treatment DPCP) Then from middle of december till now , patches appeared back again and all the hair thinned out to being now 100% hair free. Just a warning for anyone with mild hairloss . Have a serious consideration before you decide to embark on this treatment. It could possibly make your condition ALOT worse. 

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Hi there have you try changing your diets? also have your doctor check if your thyroid is working properly.

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I was on DCPC treatment for many years, and it's not the treatment that caused your loss, it's just the nature of the beast (Alopecia). Basically, it comes and goes whenever it feels like it. For me personally, I have found that taking iron supplements have helped with regrowth.

Hey Aimee. Yeah I just had a full medical check up last week and all my blood levels etc are perfectly normal. With exception to very high cholesterol which is being treated now with meds. Other than that I have very severe gum disease which is also going to be treated this week. Either high cholesterol or swollen gums from the gum disease may have a connection to my hairloss severity. Will know in the coming weeks. I heard about the iron levels you mention being connected. I had very high levels of iron a couple of years ago. It was not connected to my hairloss though. The DPCP treatment was not really that uncomfortable for me. There was itching alright and slight flaking of dead skin on the scalp but no really severe side effects. Just a waste of time really with no lasting results. 

I just started this treatment and after my first full scalp treatment noticed a lot of increased shedding.  I have diffuse AA that I could always cover, but now it is really bad.  I don't know if I should continue or not.  The treatment itself is not that bad, just a little red irritation, but my hair looks a lot worse after one treatment. 


It may thicken up as mine did thicken after 2 months treatment. It lasted for 3 months and then over the next 3 months 100% all hair gone. Its as if my system went haywire and the condition was multiple of what it usually was leaving me totally bald. 

Did you continue with the treatments even after your hair grew  back.  They say you have to keep up maintenance treatments.  I am getting a bad feeling, however, and may stop based on what I am seeing so far.


I don't believe it was the DPCP that has activated your alopecia, as has been said this is the nature of this condition.  It does what it wants when it wants.  Your hairloss is because you have alopecia areata and at this time there is no cure or controls around what it does.  

I'm sorry you have gone through this.


Thanks Rosie. I agree,  its not what activated it. But DPCP certainly exacerbated my already instilled condition. And yes , there is no cure , there is only acceptance. 



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