Diffuse alopecia areata anyone? Would love to compare notes

I was wondering if there was anyone with diffuse alopecia areata, I would love to discuss it.

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mix breeds we are! lol

Interesting Topic!!! I have been questioning my type/types of Alopecia for awhile, battled thin baby fine hair almost my life. I had a biopsy last summer and it came back AGA Androgenetic Alopecia. I've lost almost all the hair on the top and sides of my head. Where I have the most hair is at the bang and temple area,and nape of my neck...but even there it is very sparse. I do have a few weird shaped areas that don't have any hair follicles and a few areas where what little grows out is grey or white.I googled DAA and this seems to be more of what I feel is going on with me. The rest of my body overall hardly has any hair, except for my face, I have downy hair (mutton chops). I've also lost most of the outer half of my right eyebrow. Do any of you know if a Biopsy would indicate DAA over AGA? I just saw my Dermatologist a couple of weeks ago. But when I go back later this summer I will be asking her about this!!!
Hi Christy, incidentally, I had a biopsy when I started losing my hair, it came up as AGA. Well, this did not make sense to me because I was losing hair everywhere. It started with my eyebrows and then everything followed. I got every test imaginable...everything came up negative. Then about a year and a half ago I went to a reputable hair specialist doctor. Oh, I forgot to mention that my toenails were being affected. Anyway, he adamantly said I had diffuse alopecia areata. So, I don't know how reliable a biopsy is when DAA is involved.
I have been diagnosed with alopecia areata and had the spots, but they like grew into each other on the top of the head. The rest of the head is spots. Interesting though I was diagnosed 2 years ago after I had a few spots. The hair grew back within a few months. Now 2 years later it started falling out again, but I had noticed thinning on top just before the spots appeared, and was diagnosed with both Androgenetic for the thinning and then the areata came back very aggressive. I have the spots all over the head, but the very top where the thinning started, had spots grow together to now look like someone took a wide razor from front to back on the top only. Haven't seen anything on the diffuse aa until now, so not sure what that is. Is it also considered auto immune?

It is considered auto immune, diffuse A.A is just the way the hair is lost. (thinning):-(

Hi Heather
My daughter lost her hair at age two - she is now nine. It was diffuse hairless, never any spots and took 6 months to all fall out. And it has not grown any back.

I realize this is an older topic. I found it in the search field, and wanted to update my experience.

I was originally diagnosed with FPB or Androgenetic Alopecia years ago.As time has gone on I have lost almost all of my hair on my scalp, 75-80% or more. At this time the very rim outline around my face is slightly for the lack of a better word "hairier" but there isn't really much there either. At my most resent dermatologist appointment last month she told her assistant that I have Alopecia Areata...



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