Has anybody noticed an improvement when they changed their diet? I saw an Ayurvedic doctor on Friday, and she recommended all sorts of changes, such as eliminating wheat, pizza, tomatoes, processed food, cold food...the list goes on! I can see myself making SOME changes, but not all the changes. I guess little changes are better than nothing.

I was just curious if anybody has noticed that their hair began to grow back after changing their diet. I feel like what I'm doing now is working, and a diet change can only make it better, but I also don't want to not enjoy life by never having pizza or cold foods again!

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Absolutly not...I really do not beleive that one thing has anything to do with the other. I wish it was as simple as changing our diet ; /
hi, i posted comment on celiac forum and im now on specially diet caseine and gluten free i will write you if something change;) but i see big connection between food and alopecia ,,,

I found this link http://www.holisticonline.com/remedies/Hair/hair_loss-diet.htm
I think that my mild case a single patch 3 1/2 inches in diameter was ( at least for me) a result of poor diet. I love vegetables and prefere them to meats, but an evaluation of my protein, zinc and B-12 intake was low. I wasn't including enough of the the protein rich beans and pulses.
I have began consuming soy beans, lentis, eggs, yogurt, beef liver and shell fish.
I don't know if this is the reason for it........but wow! It seems to be working for me!
Hi Aimee
For me, after the onset of alopecia ,the doctors began to question my other health troubles. I had stomac trouble ,anemia,eczema rashes and extreme tiredness. I've been off dairy and gluten since last fall and low and behold I'm a celiac sufferer.. I'm very happy they discovered this, and without having alopecia I probably would never have known. Check out on the net the relationship between alopecia and celiac My hair is slowly coming back in patches,just like it left---I hope it stays
I just finished a body cleanse that lasted 2 weeks... I did not do it in hopes that my hair would grow back but in order to get into the habit of a healthier diet. And nothing happened with hair growth, I am still as bald as i have ever been.
Hope you are doing well! :o)
hi ,
dear Camille ,
isn't two weeks short time to expect e some results. Some people was on gluten free diet fo almost year and than saw some inprovment ,,,, this is long time proces of recovering;).. i wish luck to everybody;))
and u know what am not hungry on this diet but for the first time in my life im loosing pounds;))
In one case report it took 2 years on a GFD for a 16 year old girl to regrow her hair. But gluten and AA connection remains controversial. The problem is that there are just not enough studies to have a consensus on whether there is or is not a connection. I hope in the future researchers can confirm this connection.
I hav been told by the Dr. to eat iron rich food since after the blood test, i was diagnosed short in iron. So, i was taking iron capsules earlier but, now i prefer eating iron rich food. Since i m pure veg, i eat lot of spinach, grams, sprouted lentils,etc. I drink milk regularly & eat soyabean curry. Healthy hair growth is linked with a gud diet & since alopecia patients hav weak immune sys, they need to eat gud diet too! So, i m very diet conscious myself & eat healthy food. But, sometimes for a taste change i dont mind eating junk food! Just dont become a junk food addict. Eating them for a taste change is ok.
I definitely think that diet has something to do with it. Aimee, maybe you should try (if you haven't already since you posted this a while ago) a gluten-free diet for a little while. Is pizza more important to you than your hair regrowth? I have started a new diet recently where I eat a TON of protein and vitamins--lots of egg whites, spinach, and salmon--and I have started growing back patches of hair all over my head. I don't know if it is just general remission or if the diet has done it, but the timing of the two seems more than coincidental. Plus, since Celiac disease has been brought out into the spotlight so much more recently, places like whole foods and other organic markets may even make gluten-free pizza :)
Isn't that a little harsh "Is pizza more important to you than your hair regrowth?" I'm sure to some degree diet effects us but I've been bald for 30 years and have tried many different diets without my hair being affected either way. Everyone reacts a little differently to alopecia but I think in general people who find a peace of mind (ie. diet, religion, self-esteem...) are healthier because they are happy. If you can keep moderation in mind then you can eat healthy as well as enjoy then "not so healthy" things once in a while. By all means, if you have a medical disorder then eat what doesn't make you sick but having alopecia only means you are losing your hair or don't have any and a good majority of us are perfectly healthy otherwise. So Aimee, I say enjoy your pizza and cold foods cause it's still better than hitting up McDonald's and I'm sure you can find a healthy diet of your own that agrees with you and your health. Your hair will return when it feels like it, that's the way alopecia is.
i've heard that if you eliminate gluten.. but gluten free foods are very expensive and they limit what you eat.
I've been gluten free for 9 months now and it is a challenge,especially at family gatherings. I've lost weight and my ezcema and migrains are gone. I feel much healthier,not so tired all the time. My nails are regaining health and my b12 is back to normal..Oh and my hair is about 50% regrown. Is it diet? I'm not sure.





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