Don't blame me if this is bull-shiz. Thought I should pass it on. I'm always a skeptic so, we'll see.

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I may try this first until more info becomes available on the other options.

Please keep me posted with your progress ... I'm Scottish but currently living in Spain and have spoken with a private doctor who said he can't source it in Europe.  It's available on American sites but very very expensive but if it becomes more readily available after further testing prices should drop.  Certainly very promising ... this is my 3rd time with Alopecia and it came on after a very stressful incident but 15 months down the line very little sign of re-growth so here's hoping for success with this.  Good luck with all your efforts and your forthcoming trip to USA. :-)

yep I am , going to cost me and arm and a leg to get up there + doctor fees but It will be worth every penny if it works.

If you message me i'l send you the number to his office, anyone can .


Let us know how it went. 

God I hope this the breakthrough for us. 29 years living with this has been long enough. I haven't logged on in awhile. I'm so glad I came across this tonight. I'm gonna print out the article and take it to my doctor and go from there. Anyone with any other info please keep us all up to date...keeping the faith, this could be it....

I just ordered Berberine.  I have my doubts, but it is worth a try


I made an appointment to see a private doctor a few days ago here in Spain as I'm now living here.  He checked things out and said that it's not available here but it was on some sites in USA but coming in around $2000 or more per month.  As it has already been approved he said it will obviously become more readily available after further testing but could be some time away unfortunately.

OMG I am going to follow this. Every time I go to my deem she says "Gosh, alopecia just sucks, I wish I had the magic bullet for you, a miracle drug"...Sigh...No more prednisone for me again as it ruined my eye, and definitely no cyclosporine. Also I have crossed DPCP off my list as I could not get a dose high enough to be effective but low enough not to burn through my scalp. UGH. This is such a miserable disease.

I read an article about a doctor who started taking tofacitanib for his arthritis. He also had AU. To his surprise after taking this for 8 mo. ALL HIS HAIR GREW BACK.! I am wondering if insurance will cover this for alopecia? Anyone know?

I read an article that a doctor who had AU and RA took Tofacitinib for 8 mo and all his hair grew back! I think it was in the New York Times a while back. I'm wondering if insurance covers this for alopecia yet or just arthritis? Anyone know?

It is not Bull-shiz! I had total hair loss for about 7 years. I am now part of a study group and I have 50% regrowth. I have been on the medication for 12 months now. I think they are on to something with this research. I decided to participate in the study because this drug is already in the market for other conditions. So I took my chances and have seen positive results. The sad part is that the study only last a year. They will soon be stopping the med, and now observed how the body responds without it!



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