Don't blame me if this is bull-shiz. Thought I should pass it on. I'm always a skeptic so, we'll see.

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It looks too good to be true.  Significant side effects for the drug.  Maybe after they do significant studies it'll be worth it.

I saw this.  Maybe it is a potential big breakthrough.

It is promising treatment as the drug is used to treat another autoimmune disease named RA. I am really happy with the news.

They have also observed reversal of alopecia aereta in mice.

I logged on today to see if anyone else was following this. It was done at Yale University. Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm skeptical too, for my own protection :)

Another study, this one a small case study on 5 people using low dose Interleukin 2 for AA. 

Effects of Low-Dose Recombinant Interleukin 2 to Promote T-Regulato...

Berberine appears to be a selective inhibitor of JAK3 just like Tofacitinib Citrate and it's natural (Kim BH, et al. Inhibition of the signalling kinase JAK3 alleviates inflammation in monoarthritic rats. Br J Pharmacol. (2011) without the side effects
I'm going to give these both a try...berberine first ...Thorne Berbercap 60 Veg Capsules

My 12 year old daughter (name on this site) has Alopecia Areata and I'm curious about the Berberine you're talking about??  Not to mention I started a discussion regarding the Yale study just moments ago w/o realizing you'd already begun a discussion.  

Very hopeful news!!  Viagra started out as a heart drug!

Wendi (Mom)

That's fascinating. Where did you find this info if you don't mind sharing? I would love to read more about it. 

Berberine is in Oregon Grape Root too, from what I've seen. Looks like it's even at Walgreens. 

Thanks for the info. 


just google my post

Hi Mike,

I am living in Ireland and Tofacitinib is not approved in Europe for use. I will still print off the study and give it to my doctor. I have tried to get Berberine too which is proving difficult. If I manage to get Berberine to try what doses do you recommend. I am on my third round of AA and it has lasted four years now nearly so to be honest I will nearly try anything. So fed up of it.



500mg three times a day

Hi There,

Have you started using this yet and do you have any more info.  I took Alopecia over a year ago after a very stressful incident.  Decided to try mud treatments via a tricologist as she said there was no real treatment ... they are aimed at stimulating the follicles but unfortunately when the mud was going onto the existing hair it was breaking it so I am a lot worse off.

I spoke to a doctor the other day after seeing the info on the net about Tofacitanib ... he has said that it's not available in Europe and to get it from USA would be possibly $2000 per month which at the moment is not an option.  Me mentioned Minoxidil but as my Alopecia is not hereditary it's unlikely to work as my blood pressure has always been fine it may well cause it to lower giving me more problems  

Any info welcome.  Thanks




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