My 6 year old daughter has her first dance recital since losing her hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. She is an extremely confident kid, but she did ask for a wig for the recital. She said since it was a special occassion she would like to dress up. I think it is more a dress up thing, than an embarrassing situation for her. So we have one on order that should be here in time. Not sure if it will be worn much after the recital, but she will have one on hand if she feels like wearing one. She really enjoys the dress up part of recitals. From past recitals, I know they expect them to be in stage makeup. Lots of eye makeup. I am not sure how this is going to work since she doesn't have eyelashes or eyebrows. I was wondering if there is somewhere I could go that would help me learn to apply her makeup. She has mentioned fake eyelashes too. I know missing eyelashes has bothered her, but i dont know if it is even possible with a kid that young. Has anyone else done this? And any advice on how what to buy or how to apply them? I just want her to feel her best for a special occassion. I feel a little awkward about the whole situation, because I have gotten use to the way she looks. I don't know what I will feel if she looks like a different person. Maybe I am just stressing out about nothing.

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Hey Dena,
First of all...your baby is ADORABLE!! Tell her good luck with her recital.
Sounds like baby girl is handling her situation pretty are very resilient.
There are businesses that apply lashes/eyebrows, and are pretty good. I would suggest finding a professional in your community. I'm SURE there is help out there. Also, since she is required to have makeup on, I'm sure the artist can draw her some brows on!
Good luck!!

Thank you. I am definitely going to have find someone to help with the eyelashes. I have never worn them myself and have no idea if I could put them on a squirmy 6 year old.

Good luck on her recital!!

To me it sounds like she's doing ok with her alopecia, but I can understand her wanting to look like everyone else. I wish that too (more often than I should) I think a wig and eyelashes and eyebrows are harmless. As a parent you just need to remind her that she is beautiful either way, so that her decision (now or later) about wigs etc. doesn't have to do with her not feeling good enough.

She actually has a pretty good attitude about it. To her it is playing dress up like Halloween or something. I think it is more getting into character. She would really surprise me if she wanted to wear the wig on a regular basis, but if she does I will get use to it. I am a little nervous about everyone's reaction when she walks in with a wig. I am having the same feelings I had when we came in after Christmas break with no hair. How will everyone react. So far the kids have been great to her. It has really helped make her feel comfortable in her own skin. My heart breaks for the kids who are struggling.

I could not even imagine doing this as a child. Hard enough as an adult. But kudos to you for raising such a confident little girl. If you haven't been told recently, you're doing a great job!



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